• Butterfly and Bee Seed Mat Duo - 79208
  • Butterfly and Bee Seed Mat Duo - 79208
  • Butterfly and Bee Seed Mat Duo - 79208
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Butterfly and Bee Seed Mat Duo

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2 seed mats per package
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Honey Bee Seed Mat

Give new life to your garden...and Honeybees, too. Bee populations have been declining and you can be part of the solution with our special seed mixture. It's packed with flower varieties specially selected for their ability to attract bees. This makes the bees' work a little easier and reduces stress in their hives. Best of all, you'll be treated to a summer-long spectacle of brilliant color, delightful form and enticing fragrance - and you'll have an armload of blooms for indoor enjoyment. Flower mat measures 17" x 5' long.

Butterfly Garden Seed Mat

Our easy to plant Butterfly Garden Flower Mat will attract multitudes of butterflies with this colorful blend of cornflowers, cosmos, coreopsis, marigold, zinnia and more. Contains both annuals and perennials for quick and long lasting color in summer. Plant in full sun or partial shade, they'll thrive in most types of soil, with little care. Mat
measures 17" x 5' long and is filled with over 800 seeds.

Butterfly & Bee Seed Mat Duo Contains:

1 Honey Bee Seed Mat
1 Butterfly Garden Seed Mat