• Very Van Gogh Veronica - 77554
  • Very Van Gogh Veronica - 77554
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Very Van Gogh Veronica

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Very Van Gogh Veronica is very pretty with it's spiky orchid purple blooms. Veronica is an easy to grow perennial that blooms in mid to late summer. Be sure to provide at least 6 hours of full sun, and enjoy the bees, butterflies and hummingbirds that this perennial will attract to your garden.

Photos courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc.

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I bought this midsummer and was unsure if it would grow at all. It has leaves, maybe 2 inches tall, but mainly leafy and healthy. I'm curious to see how much growth comes next year, when the plant will have a full growing season. Good shipping, 5 days, and great price. The packaging they came in was protective, and the instructions were helpful that came with the plant.

Can’t wait it has leaves and looks good.