• Sunny Tree Ring-Seed Mat - 75700
  • Sunny Tree Ring-Seed Mat - 75700
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Sunny Tree Ring-Seed Mat

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Protect and beautify your trees at the same time with these easy-to-use seeded mat. Plant after danger of frost in your area, keep moist, and within weeks you will have an abundance of beautiful blooms.

Seeds are a mixture of annuals, perennials and biennials.

Mat is 7 sq ft.

Simply lay out the mat in a bright sunny, location and cover with 1/8" of soil. Water it in until it "melts" into the soil. Keep the mat moist until the plants have sprouted to about 2-3" high. Once established, just water when needed.
Get creative! You can very easily cut the mat apart to fit different garden sizes and shapes!

Contains 800 Seeds Including:

Zinnia Orange King, Verbena hybrida, Moss Verbena purple and blue, Wild Petunia, Dwarf Petunia