Summer Cut Flower Garden

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If you enjoy having fresh cut flowers in your home all season then this collection is perfect for you! This array of bulbs will give way to blooms from mid-summer to early Autumn in an assortment of heights, textures and colors.

** To spread out the length of bloom time for the gladiolus in this collection plant them in groups in a succession of weeks. Gladiolus take 60-90 days to bloom, and by spreading out the planting time you will be spreading out the length of time that you have new blooms**

This collection contains the following:

1 #74170 Pink Corona Dahlia Jumbo Pack (5/pack)

1 #74162 Black Cat Dahlia Jumbo Pack (5/pack)

1 #78109 Peacock Orchid or Abyssianian Gladiolus (12/pack)

1 #78134 Mixed Freesia Value Bag (25/bag)

1 #77124 Liatris or Gayfeather Value Bag (25/bag)

1 #76113 Anouck Large Flowering Gladiolus (10/pack)

1 #73123 Flame Calla Lilies (3/pack)

1 #76161 Fairytale Pink Gladiolus (10/pack)

1 #76160 Stereo Gladiolus (10/pack)

1 #76140 Far West Gladiolus (10/pack)

1 #76108 Mixed Gladiolus Super Pack (60/pack)

1 #74169 Color Spectacle Dahlia Jumbo Pack (5/pack)