Perennial Cutflower Garden

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Plant a garden full of perennials that you can enjoy year after year and get beautiful bouquets of cutflowers year after year! These perennials give you a variety of color, height and texture to create the most stunning bouquets for yourself or to give to someone else!

This collection contains the following:

1 #77124 Liatris or Gayfeather Value Bag (25/bag)

1 #77367 Blue Boy Tall Phlox (1/pack)

1 #77255 Magnus Purple Coneflower (1/pack)

1 #77301 Fireball Bee Balm (1/pack)

1 #77190 Black Eyed Susan, Rudbeckia (1/pack)

1 #77307 Stargazer Lilies Super Pack (15/pack)

1 #77476 Shirley Temple Peony (1/pack)

1 #77239 Caesars Brother Blue Siberian Iris (5/pack)

1 #77376 Veitch's Blue Globe Thistle (1/pack)