Moonlight Garden of Summer Blooms

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55 bulbs and roots per package
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Moonlight Gardens are a healing and relaxing addition to your landscape. The plants in a moonlight garden are bright enough to show up without any lights on. You can enjoy the glow these blooms bring to your yard while spending a relaxing evening with friends in the garden. This collection contains a mix of tropical bulbs and hardy perennials and is suitable for nearly all hardiness zones.

This collection contains the following:

1 #71105 White Double Begonia (3/pack)

1 #72117 Moonlight Caladium (3/pack)

1 #74124 Fleurel Dinnerplate Dahlia (1/pack)

1 #76146 White Gladiolus Value Bag (30/bag)

1 #77162 Casa Blanca Oriental Lily (3/pack)

1 #77422 Soft Music Double Oriental Lily (3/pack)

1 #78124 Peruvian Daffodil or Spider Flower (2/pack)

1 #77476 Shirley Temple Peony (1/pack)

1 #77221 Henryi Clematis (1/pack)

1 #77271 White Swirl Siberian Iris (5/pack)

1 #77258 White Barlow Columbine (1/pack)

1 #73151 Albomaculata Calla Lily (3/pack)