Shelfords Hybrid Mix Foxtail Lily

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These foxtail lilies are perfect for cutting! They can reach up to 5 feet high and are glowing with color. This mixture includes white, pink, orange, yellow, and cream. Each pack offers a different combination of color. Don't miss out on these early summer blooms! As an added bonus to these glowing beauties, they are not favored by deer, rabbits or other rodents.

Foxtail Lilies require excellent drainage, and do best in sandy soils. If your soil is on the heavy side be sure to add planting mix, and organic matter such as compost or manure to help improve drainage. If planting in colder climates, provide winter protection with mulch. Once established Foxtail Lilies will live in the same location for a long time without division required.

  • Foxtail Lilies prefer a full sun location
  • Well drained soil is a MUST for the area you are planting foxtail lilies.
  • Improve soil drainage by adding organic matter like compost, manure or peat humus to the planting area. You may also plant in a raised bed that you have added well drained soil to.
  • The dormant bulb/root of the foxtail lily are large in diameter and spread out at least 6". Therefore the planting hole will need to be dug out to a width of near 12" to accommodate the large roots.
  • Plant Foxtail lily roots 2" deep.
  • Mulch for winter protection when planting in hardiness zone 5 and 6.
Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:
Clarksville, tn

Great big rhizomes

These were very healthy large rhizomes. Can't wait to see them next spring.

best bulbs ever!

I have ordered and received many plants and bulbs from many companies, but these foxtail lillies were huge, healthy and I can't wait to see them in the spring!!