Purity Potted Bulb Garden

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1 bulb garden per package
Ship Season: Spring
Holland Bulb Farms is the Exclusive Provider of Living Gardens® Potted Bulbs Purity Potted Bulb Garden ships on a daily basis through mid May

Pure as a fresh coat of snow. The Purity Potted Bulb Garden is an avalanche of large white amaryllis blooms. Ships ready to grow and bloom in a white washed wicker basket with twig rim. Bulb garden contains 3 Antarctica Amaryllis bulbs. Easy to grow, just place in a sunny window and watch the stems and buds form.

Holland Bulb Farms has partnered with Living Gardens to be the exclusive provider of Living Gardens potted bulb gardens. Living Gardens has been supplying the gardening industry for over 25 years.

What makes Living Gardens® stand out?

  • Premium quality and sized bulbs used in all Living Gardens potted bulb gardens
  • A mission to always offer quality products not otherwise available to mass market.
  • Living Gardens employs an independent bulb inspector in Holland who has a lifetime of experience. His careful eye is the first step in assuring a quality product.
  • Careful and considerate sourcing of bulbs to assure optimal growing conditions & careful handling
  • Living Gardens works with inspectors, farmers and exporters to go the extra mile to ensure outstanding results

100% satisfaction guarantee.

Upon arrival of your bulb garden expect to see 1-3" sprouted growing tips. In order to maintain the

garden's shape during shipping we hold it together with elastic bands and a layer of decorative moss.

Depending on the types and varieties of bulbs in your bulb garden they may bloom at the same time, or in succession. All potted bulb gardens are shipped with an easy to follow care instruction card.


100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied with the product you receive, we will refund the cost of the product or replace it, whichever you prefer. Keep in mind that replacing might be only possible in the following growing season.