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Olive Tree Pre-Potted
  • Olive Tree Pre-Potted
  • Olive Tree Pre-Potted
  • Olive Tree Pre-Potted
  • Olive Tree Pre-Potted
  • Olive Tree Pre-Potted
  • Olive Tree Pre-Potted
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Olive Tree Pre-Potted

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1 Pre-Potted Plant per package
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    Bring the Mediterranean to your home with our Pre-Potted Olive Tree!  This established plant will arrive to you in a 1 Gallon pot ready for your patio or indoor space!  The Arbequina Olive Tree does best outdoors in a part sun location during the Summer months and brought in as a houseplant in a bright location during the Winter months.  If located in zones 8-10, this plant can remain outdoors during the Winter months to continue maturing.  When left outdoors in those hardiness zones, this tree will produce a plethora of tasty olives once matured.  If located outside of the hardiness zones and brought in as a houseplant, you can expect a uniform, elegant tree with silvery foliage.  This evergreen variety is drought, heat and pest resistant.

    *Will come with 1 pre-potted plant with active growth for head start this season. This product is ready to ship late Spring and into early Summer*

    Upon Arrival…

    • Remove your plants from all packaging and inspect the condition of the growth. If you are concerned with the condition, please email us an image within 5 days of delivery.
    • If the soil seems dry upon arrival this is okay, just make sure to give the plants a good watering! They will perk up once placed in a bright location!
    • The new plants will need time to acclimate before they can be replanted or moved outside. We recommend placing the plant start in a bright location inside for 1-2 days. This will help perk them up!
    • Any dried or yellow leaves should be removed prior to transplanting. Plants may appear wilted or dried out upon arrival, this is normal during the transit process due to lack of sunlight.
    • The new plant start plugs can be safely transplanted outside into the ground or containers once nighttime temperatures are consistently above 50 degrees.

    Planting Advice…

    Planting Depth and Spacing: Dig a hole that is a little larger than the size of the pot the Olive Tree arrived in. The top of the soil line of the plant should be flush with the ground once placed in the hole. If growing in a garden, these do need to be 6’ apart.

    Potted Plants: When choosing a container for planting, it is crucial there are draining holes. Any excess water that is trapped can cause the roots to rot. We recommend one plant in an 8-12” pot. As the plant grows, after a few years it can be transplanted into a larger pot. Do not plant with multiple in a pot.

    Soil Preparation: It is important that your soil is well draining. Always start with fresh soil or by amending your current soil. Mixing in a multi-purpose potting soil works great!

    Fertilize: We recommend using an All Purpose Fertilizer, we recommend using Jacks All Purpose Fertilizer 20-20-20. This can be used once or twice a month during the active growing season.

    Harvest time: This tree will take a few years to produce olives. It does need to be 3’ tall to have enough energy to produce olives. This plant does require a dormant period of cooler temperatures in the fall and the spring to help with fruit production. This can stay outside as long as nighttime temperatures are not below 50 degrees.

    Outside or Inside: This plant will do best if kept in a container outside in full sun as long are temperatures are above 50 degrees. Once nighttime temperatures go below 50, it will need to be brought inside. When inside it does need to receive very bright sun all year round.