• Night Embers Sedum - 74108
  • Night Embers Sedum - 74108
  • Night Embers Sedum - 74108

Night Embers Sedum

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The Night Embers Sedum offers not only beautiful blooms Summer into Fall but also stunning purple foliage that is sure to make a statement in your garden.  This variety offers an upright, vase-like habit and does well in dry soil and sunny locations. Sedums are very low maintenance and thrive in the summer heat.  Keep the seed pods up into Winter to offer some beautiful texture to your garden and to feed the birds!

Photos Courtesy of Walters Gardens

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Kansas City

Healthier than the local nursery!

  • Health
  • Hardiness
  • Easy Care
  • Color of leaves not as dark as shown
I have a fantastic nursery about a mile away and I buy my plants there often. I purchased Holland Bulb Farms roots in spring and planted them, then bought three more of the same plants (Night Embers Sedum) from my usual go-to. The nursery plants matured more quickly, but their leaves shriveled and died back, beginning at the bottom of the stalks, a few weeks after I purchased them. Now they are dead sticks coming up out of the ground. I went back to the nursery and found all of them doing the same. It must have been how they were raised prior to arriving at the nursery. My Night Embers from HBF came as roots. I planted indoors in spring and set them out when it was safe, after last frost. Mine were slower to come up and didn't grow as tall as the nursery plants, but remained healthy looking with succulent leaves all season. They are still in good condition after several days of night freezes. The only thing I noticed, the leaves on the HBF sedum didn't turn the dark burgundy/brown color the nursery plants did (as in the picture here). They did turn a darker color, at the tips and streaked through the leaves, but not the entire leaf and not as dark. I'm hoping this was just a first year idiosyncrasy or I can amend the soil with something to achieve that rich color--my reason for falling in love with this particular sedum. Overall, I am very happy with them and would definitely buy sedum from HBF again.