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More and More Botanical Daffodil

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    More and More delightful yellow blooms. Botanical Daffodil 'More and More' is small daffodil perfect for rock gardens, and intimate planting spaces. Growing approximately 10" tall with 1/2" blooms this daffodil is best planted in groups of 5 bulbs per planting hole. Daffodil are deer resistant, and generally easy to grow. For best results plant in soil that drains well. The best time to plant is in fall when your temperatures are in the 60's during the day or cooler on a consistent basis.

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    • Daffodils perform best in full sun to light shade.
    • Plant daffodils when temperatures have cooled in your area September through December. Once your daytime temperatures are in the 60’s or lower consistently, this is a good time to plant your daffodils.
    • Proper drainage is critical to the daffodils success. Amend your soil with top soil and organic matter such as compost, manure or peat most prior to planting. You soil should be light and easy to work with. The addition of Kelp Meal to your planting area will help the daffodil bulbs establish strong roots.
    • Large 14/16 cm daffodils should be planted 6-8” deep with the pointed side facing the sky. Miniature daffodils are often smaller bulbs and should be planted 3-4” deep, also with the pointed side up.
    • Space daffodils 4-6” apart when planting individual bulbs. For mass planting and brilliant bursts of color in the garden, plant the bulbs 2-4” apart in bouquet planting groups, trenches and garden beds.
    • Immediately after planting, water the daffodil planting area. This helps to eliminate air pockets. After the initial planting bulbs do not require additional watering in fall or winter and prefer to be kept dry.
    • Apply a 2” layer of mulch in late fall.
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