Delft Blue Hyacinth Forcing Kit

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1 bulb + growing kit per package
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Ship Season: Winter
Add a touch of fragrance to your home this holiday season. Our Delft Blue Hyacinth Glass Vase Gift Set will be perfect for those dark winter days. This set will grow indoors and comes complete with a thick glass forcing vase. The bulb included with this hyacinth forcing kit has received the required 12+ weeks of cold temperatures.

The hyacinth kit will perform best if it is provided a transition period of cool temperatures. We suggest filling the vase with water, placing the hyacinth bulb in the vase, and placing the vase and bulb in your refrigerator or cool location like a basement of garage. During this transition period the hyacinth will grow roots in the water. Once the roots are developed and the hyacinth is forming flower buds and leaves you may place the vase in your home.

The beautiful fragrance of the hyacinth will fill your home and make you thoughts drift fondly to the spring. Enjoy!

Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:

Fun way to bring spring into your house

Still waiting for them to bloom but looking forward to have some in my house and a few by the window at work.