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Festive Parade Waxed Amaryllis

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Out of Stock
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    A festive parade is the perfect way to celebrate the Summer season!  Our Festive Parade Waxed Amaryllis is a perfect way to bring the festivities into your home!  Our red waxed base with shiny white and blue stars sits below a bright white bloom!  All of our Amaryllis are hand dipped in house and require no soil or water to grow!  Set it in a bright, warm location and watch it sprout!

    What to Expect When Receiving My Waxed Amaryllis:

    The waxed amaryllis will arrive in a dormant state. Since the bulb is dormant when shipped little to no growth will be present. A bud may be present on some waxed amaryllis but not all. Waxed amaryllis should be placed in a warm location for optimal growth. Growth and blooms will occur within 4-8 weeks of receiving the bulb.

    Note: There is very little chance this amaryllis will bloom again after the first bloom time. However, it is possible to help it bloom again by removing the wax layer and planting the bulb in the ground.