Orange Ovation Collection

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78 bulbs per package
Ship Season: Fall

Create a standing ovation with a mass of orange blooms this spring! Orange is the national color of the Netherlands, and is associated with Dutch royalty! Therefore, show your love for Holland and it's great commodity, the flower bulb, by planting this glowing and bright Orange Ovation Collection! This Collection will cover approximately 20 sq ft.

This collection contains the following:

3 (1 bulb) packs of #87107 Aurora Orange Fritillaria

3 (10 bulb) packs of #88178 Daydream Darwin Hybrid Tulip

2 (5 bulb) packs of #82126 Tahiti Daffodil

5 (1 rhizome) packs of #85186 Avalon Sunset Bearded Iris

3 (10 bulb) packs of #88322 Orange Brilliant Fosteriana Tulip