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  • Dynamic Oriental Poppy Collection - 86202
  • Mrs. Perry Oriental Poppy - 86127
  • Mrs. Perry Oriental Poppy - 86127
  • Harlem Oriental Poppy - 86146

Dynamic Oriental Poppy Collection

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    This dynamic duo of stunning Oriental Poppies will liven up the late spring garden. Included in the Dynamic Oriental Poppy Collection are 3 Harlem Oriental Poppy roots and 3 Mrs. Perry Oriental Poppy roots. 

    Harlem Oriental Poppy blooms with deep burgundy blooms that have dark purple centers. This is a re-blooming variety, after the first set of blooms in late spring, expect to see more blooms later in the season. 

    Mrs. Perry Oriental Poppy blooms with salmon pink blooms in late spring. 

    *Please note: Due to the life cycle of these items they are harvested in late summer by our suppliers. Therefore, all orders containing this item will begin shipping in early-mid October, according to the hardiness zone.

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    Choose a full sun location with soil that drains well; Oriental Poppies do not like to wet soil. 

    Due to the long root system be sure to give the poppies enough room for the roots. Dig the planting hole 10-12" deep with a similar width. Back fill with loose well drained soil.  The crown of the roots, which is where the roots come together should be slightly below the soil surface, about 1/2"-1" below. 

    The poppies can be planted in pots late season and then transplanted outdoors in spring when the ground is workable.