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  • Bungei Yellow Foxtail Lily - 87114
  • Bungei Yellow Foxtail Lily - 87114
  • Bungei Yellow Foxtail Lily - 87114
  • Bungei Yellow Foxtail Lily - 87114
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Bungei Yellow Foxtail Lily

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The Bungei Foxtail Lily, also known as Eremurus stenophyllus 'Bungei', has yellow florets with sparkling yellow/orange stamens. These tall beauties have tons of starry florets and are extremely showy. The foxtail lily (aka: desert candle) is a very late spring or early summer bloomer. Not only are they showy, they are also deer, rabbit and rodent resistant.

Bungei Foxtail Lily makes an excellent cut flower. For eye-catching display of cut flowers in a vase combine Bungei Foxtail Lily with Allium giganteum, the shapes, colors and textures of these two blooms will really stand out!

  • Foxtail Lilies prefer a full sun location
  • Well drained soil is a MUST for the area you are planting foxtail lilies.
  • Improve soil drainage by adding organic matter like compost, manure or peat humus to the planting area. You may also plant in a raised bed that you have added well drained soil to.
  • The dormant bulb/root of the foxtail lily are large in diameter and spread out at least 6". Therefore the planting hole will need to be dug out to a width of near 12" to accommodate the large roots.
  • Plant Foxtail lily so that the crown of the bulb is 2" deep, just below the soil surface. You will need to dig 6-8” deep to loosen the soil and set the roots in place.
  • Mulch for winter protection when planting in hardiness zone 5 and 6.