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Flaming Purissima Tulip (88409)

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Flaming Purissima Tulip is a stand-out tulip variety in the early to mid spring blooming tulip garden. The large tulip flowers are ivory with shades of blush pink, red and yellow. Flaming Purissima Tulip is a sport of Purissima Fosteriana Tulip....
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Flaming autumn planting season....

  • I love what I see
  • too early to tell...
When the maples change to gold yellow and orange I begin my planting work rising to pink glories and full color sunsets I dig in the colors on my mind come spring we see the old calendar shots sprout into full flowering waves of gentle pastels and vibrant hues but alas before planting the round nobs of tulip still have to wait to show their curtain calls for me I can applaud what came quickly look lovely in the box and I can hardly wait for spring …..

Reviews 1-1 of 1