Emily McKenzie Crocosmia

Emily McKenzie Crocosmia (78145)

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Emily McKenzie Crocosmia (cro-co-s- mia) has bright orange flowers which are highlighted by crimson throats. Crocosmia make great cut flowers and are a nice low maintenance mid summer blooming bulb.
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4 out of the 5 bulbs looked great

  • 4 out of 5 looked good
  • lite wieght and looked dried out
I just received my package today. You can tell a lot about a bulb just by looking at it and giving a gentle squeeze. One bulb out of the five had a very visual difference to the other four. It was small (not the smallest), dark, and NO hair like tendrils out of the bottom. Also the gentle squeeze sounded like the insides were cracking and rubbing together. I am going to container plant this and see if I can nurse it into health.

Reviews 1-1 of 1