Gipsy's Delight Collection

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21 bulbs per package
Ship Season: Fall

Gipsy Queen Hyacinth dazzles when planted with the long lasting Mount Hood Daffodils and frilly Curly Sue Fringed Tulips. The Mount Hood should be planted in the back of this combination, as it is the tallest of the three. Curly Sue can be planted in the middle between the daffodils and hyacinths. The Gipsy Queen are fragrant and complete this garden combination when planted in the front of the grouping.

This Collection Contains the following:

1 (6 bulb) pack of #84113 Gipsy Queen Hyacinth

1 (5 bulb) pack of #82110 Mount Hood Daffodil

1 (10 bulb) pack of #88200 Curly Sue Fringed Tulip