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Tulip Collections

Shop our tulip collections, they make it easy to choose from the many varieties of flower colors, shapes and textures to start or complete your tulip garden.

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40% OFF
 Fringed Tulip Collection

Fringed Tulip Collection

We've now combined all of your favorite fringed tulips into one stunning collection! These have long lasting blooms!This Fringed Tulip Collection is filled with gorgeous pinks, purples, yellows, and whites and contains the following varieties:

Burgundy Lace Fringed Tulip: The 'Burgundy Lace' Fringed Tulip produces elegant magenta to burgundy flowers with a finely ruffled edge. The flowers are extremely ...

Item# 88276 Quantity: 56 bulbs
39% OFF
100 Blooms of Purple and Pink Tulips

100 Blooms of Purple and Pink Tulips

Enjoy 100 blooms of various shades of pinks and purples with this pink and purple tulip collection! The blooming will begin with the Purple Prince Single Early Tulip and Blue Spectacle Double Tulips, followed by the trio of Innuendo Triumph Tulips, Purple Flag Triumph Tulips and Ollioules Darwin Hybrid Tulips. After the triumph and Darwin hybrid tulips are finished you can expect a burst of color from the Angelique Double Tulips, Blue Aimable ...

Item# 88313 Quantity: 100 bulbs
38% OFF
100 Blooms of Red and Yellow Tulips

100 Blooms of Red and Yellow Tulips

Enjoy classic spring beauty with yellow and red tulips blooming in perfect harmony all spring. The blooms will begin with the Yokohama and Red Revival Single Early Tulips. To add some oomph to the garden the double early tulips Cilesta and Abba will bloom at the same time as the single early tulips. Following up with the classic large blooms of Darwin hybrid tulips, Golden Appeldoorn and Spring Song, compliment the two tone Washington Tulips ...

Item# 88312 Quantity: 100 bulbs
40% OFF
Botanical Tulip Collection

Botanical Tulip Collection

Botanical or species Tulips are a truly wondrous early spring blooming bulb. They are extremely reliable, have excellent naturalizing abilities and are deer resistant. This Botanical Tulip Collection contains 1 of each of the varities we sell, which provides a wonderful mix of these little garden gems. Represents perfect love and eternal happiness!

Item# 88279 Quantity: 100 bulbs
27% OFF
Bottled Up Sunshine Tulip Collection

Bottled Up Sunshine Tulip Collection

Use this tulip bulb blend of yellows and whites to create a ray of sunshine in your garden. This happy mix will bloom mid-spring. Try planting with muscari as well! Need to cover a large area, buy multiple packages!

Item# 88357 Quantity: 30
40% OFF
Early Spring Tulip Collection

Early Spring Tulip Collection

Kaufmannian and Greigii tulips are amongst the first to bloom in late March and early April in a standard Spring season. The striped and mottled foliage adds interest to this bold group of border tulips. They prefer cool climates, and in the right conditions are very reliable perennials. Enjoy the large blooms of these time tested varieties in your favorite classic colors!

Item# 88346 Quantity: 40 bulbs
40% OFF
Elegant Double Tulip Collection

Elegant Double Tulip Collection

The Elegant Double Tulip collection embraces romance and beauty. With the soft delicate colors of the Finola Double Tulip, Upstar Double Tulip and Mondial Double Tulip combined with the vibrant and rich colors of  the Blue Diamond Double Tulip it makes for an absolutely charming spring blooming addition to your garden or favorite vase!

Item# 88282 Quantity: 44 bulbs
40% OFF
Fosteriana Tulip Collection

Fosteriana Tulip Collection

Fosteriana tulips are known for their large blooms, which stand upon sturdy stems. They are also amongst the most reliable tulips for being perennial, meaning in the right conditions they will come back for 2-5 years. This collection contains one package of each of the classic Fosteriana tulip colors we carry. Great for early spring Tulip blooms, and will look nice when planted with classic daffodils and grape hyacinths.

Item# 88345 Quantity: 50 bulbs
40% OFF
Orange & Purple Tulip Collection

Orange & Purple Tulip Collection

Orange and Purple have a striking contrast, that adds warmth but also vibrancy and depth! This special collection, will bloom in early Spring with orange and bright purple, and then again in late spring with deep purple and apricot blooms!

Item# 88347 Quantity: 40 bulbs
40% OFF
Robust Double Flowering Tulip Collection

Robust Double Flowering Tulip Collection

Combine the bold and robust colors of reds, yellow and oranges with the Robust Double Tulip Collection. The blooms in this collection are very rustic and not typical of the colors found blooming in spring. Add some variety and exuberance to your spring flower beds with this collection. Represents perfect love & eternal happiness!

Item# 88283 Quantity: 44 bulbs
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