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Sun Perennials

Shop our selection of fall planted perennials that do well in full sun to part sun locations! Planting bare root perennials in fall is beneficial to the plants root system, as it has time to develop and grow healthy roots before putting on top growth! Full sun locations receive at least 6-8 hours of sun per day.

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Image of  Prairie Moon Peony

Prairie Moon Peony

This unique peony is covered in soft yellow blossoms with golden stamens that look noticebally different than most other peonies. Graceful 6-7" diameter blooms have a light floral scent. This long lived and carefree peony has strong stems that hold up well in rain and wind. Blooms late spring to early summer.

Item# 86125 Quantity: 1 root
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Image of Amethyst Tall Phlox

Amethyst Tall Phlox

Amethyst Tall Phlox is a sensational garden perennial that really puts on a show of vibrant pure purple blooms in late summer into early autumn. Growing 3-4' tall and 2-3' wide be sure to provide adequate space in your perennial bed, rock garden or formal planting area. Phlox prefer to be planted in full sun, with their roots protected to keep them cool, and must have adequate air flow to prevent powdery mildew late in the season.

Item# 86147 Quantity: 1 root
30% OFF
Image of Blueberry Cream Daylily

Blueberry Cream Daylily

Blueberry Cream Daylilies looks so good you could almost eat them! This eye catching new variety of daylily has creamy yellow flowers with a wide blueberry-purple center and fine purple edges. Blooms can be 6-7" in size and they are lightly fragrant!

Item# 86106 Quantity: 1 bare root
30% OFF
Image of Brookwood Lee Causey Daylily

Brookwood Lee Causey Daylily

New Variety! This astonishing daylily will stop traffic with it's bold and bright colors. Intense golden yellow blooms are adorned with a fiery red center that makes the color combination truly bold and lively! Another vigorous daylily that will produce abundant blooms to ensure a long bloom time from this new variety mid summer.

Item# 86107 Quantity: 1 bare root
40% OFF
Image of Congo Coral Dayliliy

Congo Coral Dayliliy

This spectacular newer introduction of daylily has fully double blooms of salmon coral, with a light fragrance as well. Congo Coral Daylily blooms early to mid-summer and often will repeat blooming again later in the season. This re-blooming daylily has large 5" diameter blooms.

Item# 86108 Quantity: 1 bare root
40% OFF
Image of Dare to Love Daylily

Dare to Love Daylily

New and Exclusive! A must have for the daylily fanatic! This bright daylily has pinkish white blooms adorned with raspberry red frilly edges as well as a raspberry red center. The throat of the flower is light green which makes close up viewing even more enjoyable. Blooms early to mid-summer and looks great when planted with Congo Coral Daylilies and Pretty Woman Orienpet ...

Item# 86109 Quantity: 1 bare root
50% OFF
Image of David Tall Phlox

David Tall Phlox

David Tall Phloxhas stunning white blooming phlox and is disease resistant. This phlox is a robust bloomer from mid summer to early autumn. Plant in full sun, with well draining soil and adequate air flow for best results. David Tall Phlox was the 2002 Perennial Plant Association Plant of the year.

Item# 86148 Quantity: 1 root
50% OFF
Image of Eden's Perfume Peony

Eden's Perfume Peony

Eden's Perfume Peony will is a delight to your eyes and nose with its heavenly scented large pink blooms. Eden's Perfume is considered to be one of the most fragrant peonies, with a Damask rose fragrance. The large double blooms can be up to 6-7" across and are covered with frilly pink petals. Not only is Eden's Perfume valued for it's fragrance it's structure is ideal too, as it is a compact grower that has strong stems perfect for ...

Item# 86123 Quantity: 1 root
30% OFF
Image of Fires of Fuji Daylily

Fires of Fuji Daylily

Hot and sizzling orange red double blooms will create a firey look mid-season.  This re-blooming daylily will grow 28" tall and bloom both mid season and then put on a repeat showing later in the summer.

Item# 86110 Quantity: 1 bare root
30% OFF
Image of French Lingerie Daylily

French Lingerie Daylily

Add some fancy frilliness to your daylily or sun garden with French Lingerie Daylily. Soft rose-pink to lavender blooms have delicate yellow centers and edges that bloom early to mid-summer. The edges of the petals are ruffled on this new variety that has sturdy stems and a large bud count per stem.

Item# 86111 Quantity: 1 bare root
30% OFF
Image of Karl Rosenfield Peony

Karl Rosenfield Peony

Karl Rosenfield Peony is a true classic in the spring garden! The luxurious red petals are abundant and fragrant! For a truly classic look plant with other late spring blooming bulbs like White Giant Allium, and Royal Touch Bearded Iris.

Item# 86124 Quantity: 1 root
50% OFF
Image of Louisiana Iris Deluxe Mix

Louisiana Iris Deluxe Mix

New! Louisiana Irises are hardy and versatile! They are native to the southeastern United States and do well in difficult and damp planting locations. This mix comes from a well known Iris breeder in Holland who made certain to include unique varieties and bright and bold colors of blue, yellow, red, purple, and white. These are tough irises, and will grow in most garden settings but ...

Item# 85172 Quantity: 5 bare roots
30% OFF
Image of Mildred Mitchell Daylily

Mildred Mitchell Daylily

This award winning daylily shines through with an array of eye appealing colors. Large 6" flowers have lavender blue edged petals with striking chartreuse eyes on a deep purple base. Mildred Mitchell Daylily is a vigorous bloomer with up to 30 buds to bloom in early summer and then will bloom again mid-summer. This daylily has it all, color, vigor and is fragrant!

Item# 86112 Quantity: 1 bare root
40% OFF
Image of Mrs. Perry Oriental Poppy

Mrs. Perry Oriental Poppy

Oriental poppies are the liaison for the late spring bloom season as they announce the beginning of summer! Mrs. Perry Oriental Poppy is a beloved variety that grows 30" tall with salmon-pink blooms. This oriental poppy like others is drought resistant, easy to grow and long lived.


* Please note Oriental poppies foliage goes dormant after blooming.  It is advisable to plant summer blooming plants in

Item# 86127 Quantity: 1 bare root
30% OFF
Image of Over the Top Daylily

Over the Top Daylily

This re-blooming daylily is over the top on beauty and vigor! Early summer expect to see multiple large double blooms that will open in succession on multiple stalks. The plentiful blooms are ruffled in shades of lavender and purple and will put on an encore performance mid-season after the first bloom cycle.

Item# 86113 Quantity: 1 bare root
50% OFF
Image of Perry's White Oriental Poppy

Perry's White Oriental Poppy

Oriental poppies thrive in full sun borders and beds late spring into early summer. Perry's White Oriental Poppies have pure white flowers with a black center. This poppy will grow 30" tall and prefers well draining soil, and dry feet in winter for best results.

* Please note Oriental Poppies go dormant after blooming, sun loving summer blooming perennials should be planted in front and around them to mask the empty space ...

Item# 86128 Quantity: 1 bare root
35% OFF
Image of Pinnacle Oriental Poppy

Pinnacle Oriental Poppy

Salmon-orange-pink flowers with pure white towards the center of the petals will adorn this poppy late spring to early summer. Oriental poppies are best when planted in full sun, in groups of 3-5 and spaced 15-18" apart.

* Please note Oriental Poppies go dormant after they bloom, it is a good idea to plant other perennials around them to fill in the space.

Item# 86129 Quantity: 1 bare root
30% OFF
Image of Plena Alba Peony

Plena Alba Peony

This early blooming white peony begins flowering almost 2 weeks earlier than other traditional peonies, which means you can extend your peony blooming season! Alba Plena Peony has largely ruffled white flowers that are up to 5-6" in diameter with a bit of blush pink added to the outer-most petals. There scent is enticing and they would make a romantic addition to your moonlight garden!

Item# 86122 Quantity: 1 root
40% OFF
Image of Plena Rosea Peony

Plena Rosea Peony

This early blooming peony is easy to take care of once established, demanding little attention they will burst through with lightly fragrant large pink up to 5-6" diameter blooms! This compact peony will grow 18-24" tall and blooms 2 weeks earlier than traditional peony varieties.

Item# 86126 Quantity: 1 Root
50% OFF
Image of Turkenlouise Oriental Poppy

Turkenlouise Oriental Poppy

Turkenloiuse Oriental Poppy, a true classic in the late spring garden. Bright orange red colors will stand out in the late spring garden. Grows 34" tall with large frilly flowers that bloom late spring into early summer. For best results plant in full sun in groups of 3-5.

* Please note Oriental poppies go dormant after blooming and it is a good idea to plant other perennials around them to mask the void they can leave in ...

Item# 86130 Quantity: 1 bare root
30% OFF
Image of Watermelon Punch Tall Phlox

Watermelon Punch Tall Phlox

Watermelon Punch tall phlox really packs a punch of late season bright pink blooms! This compact blooming variety grows 18" tall and 18" wide which makes it a versatile perennial for most sunny spots.

Item# 86149 Quantity: 1 root
30% OFF
Image of Wild Horses Daylily

Wild Horses Daylily

Wild horses won't be able to tear you away from this stunning daylily! Multiple cream colored flowers are decorated with deep purple highlights. Blooms begin in early summer and then will blooming on and off throughout the remainder of the summer! Wild Horses Daylily is a real stand out plant, the large nicely ruffled 5" diameter flowers sit atop 30-36" grass like foliage.

Item# 86116 Quantity: 1 bare root
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