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Spring Planting Bulbs

Order Spring planting bulbs or any of our dutch bulb flowers including: Begonia Bulbs, Calla Lily Bulbs, Canna Bulbs, Canna Lilies, Dahlia Bulbs, Dahlia Tubers, Elephant Ears, Gladiolus Bulbs, Spring Lily Bulbs, Perennials, Unique/Unusual Bulbs. Buy hardy colorful spring flowers for your garden today for years of enjoyment.

Begonia Bulbs

Image Begonia Bulbs

Begonia bulbs are perfect for those looking for something to add color to the shaded areas of your yard? Begonia plants are available in a huge variety of flower shapes, colors and heights and thrive

Calla Lily Bulbs

Image Calla Lily Bulbs

The most popular cut flowers, the Calla Lily 'Zantedeschia' can be found in different sizes and colors, including the calla lilies bulbs. We offer many Calla lily bulbs that bloom from June through ...

Canna Lily Bulbs

Image Canna Lily Bulbs

Canna lilies with their lush tropical foliage and large flowers will make borders and beds come alive. Their bright colors will bloom all summer long. The dwarf cannas can be used for container and

Dahlia Bulbs

Image Dahlia Bulbs

Spectacular Dahlia flower bulbs are available in a huge variety of flower shapes, colors and heights. Shop our huge selection of Dahlia flower bulbs including:

Bulk Spring Summer Bulbs

Image Bulk Spring Summer Bulbs

Get more bulbs for less with our low priced Value Bags. Create a dramatic border or use for Mass Plantings!

Elephant Ears / Caladiums Bulbs

Image Elephant Ears / Caladiums Bulbs

Caladium Bulbs & Elephant Ear Bulbs are among the most eye catching of the bulbs available for purchase. Not only are the elephant ears one of the largest flowering bulbs available but they are also ...

Gladiolus Bulbs

Image Gladiolus Bulbs

Gladiolus bulbs are available in a large variety of flower shapes, heights and colors. Shop our huge selection of Gladiolus flower bulbs including: Hardy Mini Gladiolus Bulbs, Hybrid Gladiolus

Lily Bulbs

Image Lily Bulbs

Lily bulbs add bright colors to your garden and the lily bulb varieties are one of the more hardy summer flowering bulbs available. All oriental lilies are

Perennials - Perennial Plants

Image Perennials - Perennial Plants

Why plant annual when you can have our perennial plants that will bloom beautiful garden flowers for many years to come without needing to do anything. Coming back year after year these large ...

Unusual & Specialty Bulbs

Image Unusual & Specialty Bulbs

These items are Unusual and Specialty Bulbs to Holland Bulb Farms and deliver a beauty like no others can. Each one of our unique dutch imported bulbs bring thier own presence into the garden, ...

Water Lily Plants

Image Water Lily Plants

We have a full selection of water plants to suit every garden from the tiny puddle gardens to huge pond gardens! All of our water plants for ponds are guaranteed to grow, just like all of the plants ...

Flower Bulb Collections

Image Flower Bulb Collections

Looking for easy to grow flowers that take little to no planning? Do you have a favorite color? Look no further than our collections page!

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