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Spring Blooming Select Color Collections

Obsessed with Orange? Perplexed by Purple? Yelling for Yellow? Raging for Red? Our Holland Bulb Farms Select Color Collections are exclusively chosen based on the colors of the rainbow. All  collections contain the best varieties of each chosen color and are available together in one collection! Plant your Purple Pizzazz garden today or mix with the Bright and Sunny Yellow Collection for a classic combination!

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40% OFF
Blue Blooms in Spring Collection

Blue Blooms in Spring Collection

Fill your garden with a rare color this year: TRUE BLUE! All of the bulbs in this collection produce truly BLUE BLOOMS, not a just a variation of purple that looks somewhat like blue.

Item# 89107 Quantity: 159 bulbs
40% OFF
Bright and Sunny Yellow Collection

Bright and Sunny Yellow Collection

Yellow a color that reminds us of cheerfulness and the color of the sun. Bursting with energy and excitement it is hard to forgo yellow from your spring garden. What better way to brighten up your yard after a long winter? The Bright and Sunny Yellow Collection will provide burst of bright color from early spring to early summer, in varying heights and textures.

Item# 89127 Quantity: 123 bulbs
50% OFF
It's Easy Being Green Collection

It's Easy Being Green Collection

The flowers in this collection make it easy to be green! Unique green flowers of the Hair Allium and La Bizar Double Tulip will turn heads! The calming flowers of Spring Green and Groenland Green Tulips will blend well with almost any other color tulips in your garden. This collection will certainly have  your friends and neighbors green with envy!

Item# 89125 Quantity: 48 bulbs + 2 roots
40% OFF
Moonlight All White Garden Collection

Moonlight All White Garden Collection

Have you ever wanted to try planting a "Moonlight Garden"? Now is your chance!

Holland Bulb Farms is proud to present its Moonlight All White Garden Collection! We've now made it easier than ever to create the effect you desire and have taken the guess work out of the design! With an even mix of early, mid, and late spring bloomers, this garden will light up the night in your landscape all spring ...

Item# 89105 Quantity: 258 bulbs
40% OFF
Orange Ovation Collection

Orange Ovation Collection

Create a standing ovation with a mass of Orange blooms this spring! Orange is the national color of the Netherlands, and is associated with Dutch royalty! Therefore show your love for Holland and it's great commodity the flower bulb by planting this glowing and bright Orange Ovation Collection! This Collection will cover approximately 20 sq ft

Item# 89123 Quantity: 78 bulbs
40% OFF
Purple Pizzazz Collection

Purple Pizzazz Collection

Are you passionate about purple, and all other shades similar? (Violet/Red, Royal Purple, Lilac, Lavender, Orchid, Electric Purple, Deep Purple) The Purple Pizzazz collection will feed your desire for any and every shade of purple from early spring through summer! This is a complete kit that will not disappoint if you are looking for a splash a purple in your garden this spring and early summer! Varying heights, colors and textures and a long ...

Item# 89126 Quantity: 137 bulbs
30% OFF
River of Blue Garden Collection

River of Blue Garden Collection

We've made this collection due to the highly sought after color of blue naturalized bulbs in the garden. Planting bulbs in large sweeps also known as planting en masse will provide the most impact of color in the garden. All of the bulbs in this collection can be naturally planted together to create a river of blue in the garden. To read more about using blue shades in the garden read our Bulb Blog article here:

Item# 89128 Quantity: 160 bulbs
40% OFF
Tickled Pink Collection

Tickled Pink Collection

The color pink is often associated with love, hope, nuturing, fun and hapiness! If you love the color pink and want to represent the traits listed above, this Tickled Pink Collection is the best way to do it. From Mid-spring to Late Spring your garden will have pink blooms to remind you of love, hope, nuturing, fun and hapiness!

Item# 89124 Quantity: 118 bulbs
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