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Specialty Daffodil Bulbs

Unique and Special Daffodils included here are from the daffodil varieties of Poeticus, Bulbocodium and Split Cupped - ones that are most different from your 'typical' daffodils! These look great in any garden, are deer resistant and naturalize!

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Image of Geranium Tazetta Daffodil

Geranium Tazetta Daffodil

The 'Geranium' Tazette Daffodil is a magnificent, fancy white daffodil which is also great for cutting! Its white blooms form in heavy clusters of 3 to 5 which are easily supported by the sturdy flower stems. The bright tangerine center help to define each individual bloom and make these wonderful for coupling with other orange spring blooms. The sweet fragrance of the blooms is an extra added bonus of these gems!

Item# 82151 Quantity: 10 bulbs
50% OFF
Image of Inbal Paperwhites

Inbal Paperwhites

If you enjoy how Paperwhites look, but do not enjoy the strong fragrance of Ziva then the slightly scented Inbal Paperwhite are perfect for you. Like all other paperwhites Inbal does exceptionally well when planted indoors, or in a warm climate such as zone 8 or above. Inbal must be planted in soil, and do not grow well when planted in a vase with just water or rocks and water. We suggest planting 3-5 bulbs in a 6" pot for the best look. ...

Item# 82200 Quantity: 5 bulbs
50% OFF
Image of Martinette Daffodil

Martinette Daffodil

Perhaps one of the best fall planted bulbs for cutting, the 'Martinette' Daffodil simply can't be beat! Its beautiful clusters of delightfully fragrant, butter yellow blooms which bloom 3 to 6 per stem make them excellent in fresh floral arrangements! Not to mention that the frilled tangerine-orange cup in the center create a great accent in the garden as well.

Item# 82150 Quantity: 5 bulbs
40% OFF
Image of Pheasant's Eye (or Recurvus) Daffodil

Pheasant's Eye (or Recurvus) Daffodil

Extend your spring with the Pheasant's Eye Daffodil (or Narcissus poeticus recurvus)! Literally one of the last daffodils to bloom, the Pheasant's Eye usually tops out at 12" tall, making it great for borders. It has a pleasant spicy fragrance and naturalizers readily. Great for cold climates and mountain regions!

Item# 82140 Quantity: 5 bulbs
40% OFF
Image of Thalia Daffodil

Thalia Daffodil

Delicate and mesmerizing, the 'Thalia' Daffodil (Triandrus) have extremely long lasting flowers that smell amazing! The thinner than normal petals of the blooms give it a picturesque look, making it perfect for fresh floral bouquets. The pure white color of the petals and cup are also excellent for moonlit gardens! Symbolic for new beginnings & to ensure happiness! Official flower for March & December Birthdays and 10yr wedding anniversaries!

Item# 82121 Quantity: 5 bulbs
40% OFF
Image of Ziva Paperwhites

Ziva Paperwhites

Add some fragrance to your home this winter with our Ziva Paperwhites. These flowers love to be in containers and will bloom indoors and give off the sweet smell of the holiday season. Ziva is a no fuss, fast blooming cultivar. Just add water and wait for the lovely fragrance of Paperwhites to fill your home! Paperwhites in a glass on pebbles: Fill the glass with water to just beneath the bulb. The water should not touch the bottom of the ...

Item# 82160 Quantity: 5 bulbs
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