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Premium Tomato Plants

The cream of the crop, these premium tomato plants stand tall above the rest. They come from our Chef Jeff line which is commited to using no chemical growth regulators or harsh chemicals at any point during the growing process so you can be assured you are getting a quality product that is also good for the environment. Each tomato has its own set of taste and growth characterisitcs so be sure to do your research...we guarantee that it will be hard to pick just one to grow!

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25% OFF
Image of Amish Paste Premium Tomato

Amish Paste Premium Tomato

This old Amish heirloom that dates back to the turn of the century! Generations have used this tomato in sauces and for canning. Full and rather unusual flavor. Said to taste the best of all paste tomatoes. Tasty, solid flesh used for stews, bottling, drying, and sauces. 8-12 oz. plum shaped fruit. Twice as big as the classic Roma tomato. Great in salsa, catsup, or spaghetti sauce. Excellent for slicing. Bright red. Indeterminate. ...

Item# 50039 Quantity: 2 Plants
25% OFF
Image of Chello Premium Tomato

Chello Premium Tomato

Chello produces an abundance of cheery, bright yellow cherry tomatoes. It is has a super-sweet flavor that is superior to other yellow varieties. My neighbor says it is one of the first to ripen in her garden and that the compact vines are terrific for pots on her patio. The fun color and small size fruits are just right for kid-friendly salads and snacks. It is also delicious in cooked dishes or eaten straight from the ...

Item# 50040 Quantity: 2 Plants
25% OFF
Image of Grape Premium Tomato

Grape Premium Tomato

Recreate that unique, fresh tomato experience at home with this super-sweet, bite sized tomato that is firm, bright red, and has an utterly delicious flavor! Excellent texture with large yields. A choice ingredient in salads, soups, sauces, sandwiches, or eaten as a snack. Water well in warm weather. Indeterminate <

Days to Maturity: 60

Please note: This live plant item ships from an east coast location and ...

Item# 50041 Quantity: 2 Plants
25% OFF
Image of Lemon Boy Premium Tomato

Lemon Boy Premium Tomato

This medium sized, 3-4 inch tomato has intense yellow color inside and out! Perfect for unique color in salads, hot dishes, or eaten straight from the vine. Heavy producing with excellent flavor. Indeterminate.

Days to Maturity: 70

Please note: This live plant item ships from an east coast location and therefore, will arrive in a shipment separate from other bulbs or root stock. These Chef Jeff Live Plant items ...

Item# 50042 Quantity: 2 Plants
25% OFF
Image of Super Marzano Premium Tomato

Super Marzano Premium Tomato

This great tomato has very few seeds and is high in pectin making it one of my favorite tomatoes for sauces and pastes. The large red pear shaped 5 inch tomatoes feature a high sugar content and rich flavor. The tall, indeterminate plants are quite disease resistant, meaning healthy plants in your garden all summer long, loaded with bright red fruit. Indeterminate
Days to Maturity: 90
Here is a great recipe to try:

Item# 50043 Quantity: 2 Plants
25% OFF
Image of Sweet Cluster Premium Tomato

Sweet Cluster Premium Tomato

Whenever I shop at the supermarket I always see this variety sold with the clusters of tomatoes still on the vine. Now you can grow this sweet and delicious variety in your home garden. It is easy to grow with juicy 5 oz. fruits that grow in long clusters of 6 to 8 per branch. The fruit holds superbly on the vine and ripens at the same time making it perfect for salsas, sauces, and cooked dishes. Indeterminate
Days to Maturity: 67 ...

Item# 50044 Quantity: 2 Plants
25% OFF
Image of Whopper Premium Tomato

Whopper Premium Tomato

The Whopper is my tomato of choice to slice on hamburgers and BLT sandwiches! These incredibly large, luscious tomatoes have set the standard for taste, size, and yield. They mature to 4 inches or more across and ripen uniformly even when the weather is overcast. You will find these tomatoes keep right on coming in huge quantities until frost. They have a wonderful fresh tomato flavor that is great in salads. Indeterminate
Days ...

Item# 50045 Quantity: 2 Plants
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