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Perennial Seeds

Plant these tried and true perennial flower seeds! Start them early indoors or plant them directly into warm soil to enjoy lush plants and bright blooms for years to come.

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Image of Bachelor Button

Bachelor Button

Bachelor Buttons grow best in a roomy part of your garden. Each bloom floats above tall stems in a range of blues, pinks, reds and whites. Each bloom measures 1-2" across and attract butterflies.

Garden Tip: Easy to grow. Deadheading prolongs blooming through the summer.

Item# 75586 Quantity: Approx. 300 seeds
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Image of Black Ball Bachelor Button

Black Ball Bachelor Button

Crimson black, 2" double fringed blooms make Black Ball Bachelor Button a superb cutting flower. Looks exceptionally pretty planted in a mass. Butterflies love this "perky posy". Bachelor Buttons are excellent for dried flower arrangements, as they retain their color when dried.

Garden tip: Deadheading prolongs blooming.

Item# 75672 Quantity:
50% OFF
Image of Blue Boy Bachelor Button

Blue Boy Bachelor Button

Blue Boy Bachelor Button is a charming, sky blue flower guaranteed to capture your heart. Blue Boy is at home in a cottage garden or cutting garden. Blooms can be dried for lasting beauty or fresh cut flower for a favorite vase. Plant Blue Boy Bachelor Button and have blooms all growing season. Grows 2-3' tall.

Garden tip: Bachelor's button will self-sow for the the coming year.

Item# 75673 Quantity:
50% OFF
Image of Blue Flax

Blue Flax

Blue Flax adds a dash of nature's color. Perky little sky blue flowers on light and graceful arching branches. Sow in a mass. The blue blossoms are a delicate addition to your flower gardens and wildflower meadows. Grows 18-30" tall.

Garden tip: Prior to planting, cultivate soil to a depth of 1-2" and rake to remove debris. After seed is sown, watering should begin immediately. Water lightly and frequently.

Item# 75675 Quantity:
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Image of Burgundy Blanket Flower

Burgundy Blanket Flower

Deep wine-red blooms radiate rich color in the summer garden! Heat, drought, and poor soil tolerant. Just plant and watch it go! Perfect for borders or mass plantings. Burgundy Blanket Flower is a strong plant that returns with its radiant beauty each spring.

Garden Tip: Deadheading promotes the blooming. Deer resistant.

Item# 75696 Quantity:
50% OFF
Image of Coneflower Purple

Coneflower Purple

A hardy, easy growing flower that looks fabulous in your garden. Purple Coneflower blends well with other flowers to give a natural look. Does well in containers, borders, rock and perennial gardens. Long lasting as a cut flower and can be dried. Attracts butterflys!

Garden Tip: Drought resistant

Item# 75591 Quantity: Approx. 70 seeds
50% OFF
Image of Dwarf Double Polka Dot Bachelor Button

Dwarf Double Polka Dot Bachelor Button

Ruffled, tufted double flowers of deep blue, rose, white and pink. Polka dot is a lovely mixture, excellent in massed beds or borders and fresh cut flower bouquets. An early bloomer that is easily grown outdoors.

Garden tip: Allow pods to dry on plant; break open to collect seeds.

Item# 75674 Quantity:
50% OFF
Image of Foxglove


An inspiring addition to your garden beds, the Foxglove produces a pleasant array of pastel colors! A blend of rose, lavender, cream, and yellow makes this variety eye catching. The chocolate freckles on the throat of the blossoms are signature and add extra interest. Easy to grow. Make Foxglove one of your garden's attractions!

Garden Tip: A good companion planted with wildflower mixes!

Item# 75656 Quantity:
50% OFF
Image of Geum/Grecian Rose (Sow Easy)

Geum/Grecian Rose (Sow Easy)

Grecian Rose's frilly scarlet-red to orange blooms provide a flashy display all summer either in your garden or containers. A clump of green leaves and tall branching stems with brilliant blooms make Grecian Rose a terrific choice. No waiting for the beauty of blooms, they appear the first year. Butterflies will appear too. Deadhead regularly to encourage more blooms. Grows 16-20" tall.

Growing tip: Keep seed moist until ...

Item# 75676 Quantity:
50% OFF
Image of Goldilocks Black-Eyed Susan

Goldilocks Black-Eyed Susan

Goldilocks, with orange-yellow petals, black centers and 3" to 4" blooms, looks beautiful in a mass or in a vase. The multi-layered blooms and graceful stems are a perfect combination for your garden. Long lasting and easy to grow. Grows 18-24" tall.

Garden tip: Heat and drought tolerant. Seeds need light to germinate.

Item# 75671 Quantity:
50% OFF
Image of Hollyhock Nigra

Hollyhock Nigra

Nigra Hollyhock is a handsome flower for any garden. The gorgeous, deep maroon looking, almost black, blossoms are striking. Thrives when planted along a fence or wall. Attracts butterflys!

Garden Tip: Niagra reseeds year after year.

Item# 75594 Quantity: Approx. 30 seeds
50% OFF
Image of Johnny Jump Up

Johnny Jump Up

Create a carpet of color with Johnny Jump Up. A compact variety with vibrant blooms of deep purple and yellow. Makes an ideal companion for spring bulbs and pansies. Attractive around trees, flower beds, containers or along borders.

Garden Tip: Pick faded flowers to prolong blooming period.

Item# 75596 Quantity: Approx. 200 seeds
50% OFF
Image of Lupine Mix

Lupine Mix

Russell's Mix grows tall stalks that bears large flowers in shades of pink, bronze, rose, red, and blue. Great for cut flowers. A low maintenance plant. A perrennial that attracts butterflies!

Item# 75599 Quantity:
50% OFF
Image of Malva Zebrina

Malva Zebrina

Malva's white flowers with dark purple stripes add a look of distinction. Impressive along tall borders, in cottage gardens, and wildflower areas. Will self seed at the end of the blooming season.

Garden Tip: Fertilize monthly and remove old flowers to encourage more blooms. May need to provide support.

Item# 75694 Quantity:
50% OFF
Image of Ornamental Grass Blue Fescue

Ornamental Grass Blue Fescue

Blue Fescue is an all purpose plant. The truest blue of the dwarf grasses! An excellent accent with other flowering plants. Adds interest to rock gardens, containers, borders or anywhere else in your garden. This low maintenance plant is heat and drought tolerant.

Garden Tip: Divide in early spring or fall, separating the clump into smaller, rooted sections. To create a solid groundcover, replant the divisions 8-9" apart.

Item# 75621 Quantity: Approx. 50 seeds
50% OFF
Image of Pacific Giants Mix Delphinium

Pacific Giants Mix Delphinium

Step back and admire your truly royal row of beauty! The Pacific Giants Delphinium is one of the most loved perennials. Stunning, tall spires of elegant flowers in pastel pink, lavender, white, and blue form a row of exquisite color that won't go unnoticed!

Garden Tip: Choose a planting spot that is partially protected from the wind. Staking may be needed. Deer resistant.

Item# 75648 Quantity:
50% OFF
Image of Perennial Wildflower Mix

Perennial Wildflower Mix

Long-lasting color! Beauty with bright, vivid colors year after year. Grow a kaleidoscope! This hardy mix of (15) perennial varieties will make a natural garden that attracts butterflies to enjoy all summer!

Gardening Tip: Soil should be cultivated to a depth of 2" prior to planting. A light application of fertilizer and mulch can be beneficial. Water lightly and frequently during germination, then water as needed.

Item# 75619 Quantity: 200+ seeds
5% OFF
Image of Pony Tails Ornamental Grass

Pony Tails Ornamental Grass

Feathery fountains of grass with a multitude of uses! Ideal filler softens and unifies landscape or a superb specimen plant. Subtle barrier for boundaries or highlight as a corner planting. Stately grass produces soft plumes that arch gracefully. Can be cut and dried for ornamental arrangements. Grows to height of 18-24".

Gardening Tip: Very drought tolerant once established.

Item# 75624 Quantity: Approx. 20 seeds
50% OFF
Image of Pyrethrum Daisy

Pyrethrum Daisy

Pyrethrum Daisy in shades of red and pink is ideal for cutting and enjoying inside your home. Plant it in mass for a perennial garden or as a specimen along your walkway. Very easy to grow and maintain. After the first flowering, cut back for a second flush of blossoms.

Garden Tip: Plant in well-drained soil. Keep lightly moist in dry periods. Dig up and divide the clump every 3-4 years.

Item# 75607 Quantity: Approx. 20 seeds
50% OFF
Image of Shasta Daisy

Shasta Daisy

Pure white blooms glisten in the summer sunshine. A delight both in the garden and for fresh cut flowers. Immensely useful for unifying a mixed border. Equally good as a stand-alone accent.

Garden Tip: Pick flowers regularly to prolong blooming.

Item# 75611 Quantity: Approx. 200 seeds
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