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Fritillaria Bulbs

Rare and beautiful, our Fritillaria bulbs will make a unique addition to your garden. Browse our many fritillaria flower bulbs including: Fritillaria Imperalis Aurora, Fritillaria Lutea, Fritillaria Meleagris, Fritillaria Persica and many more. Blooming in the Spring, the Fritillaria will produce vibrant blooms and will do well in any garden. These also work well for keeping deer and rodent pests away.

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Image of Aurora Orange Fritillaria

Aurora Orange Fritillaria

This Orange Fritillaria is a Crown Imperial that truly delivers! Its stately habit and stunning orange petals make it a must-have for your garden! The tall stems carry a ring of bell-shaped flowers which hang upside down for the very top, giving it a very unique look. These will not be bothered by four-legged visitors and some claim they even help keep them away from surrounding plants! Please note: this bulb should be planted on it's side in ...

Item# 87107 Quantity: 1 bulb
40% OFF
Frantic for Fritillaria Collection

Frantic for Fritillaria Collection

Can you just not get enough of Fritillaria???

Then we created this collection just for you! Holland Bulb Farms is proud to present the Frantic for Fritillaria Collection which contains our (3) top-selling Crown Imperials! You'll receive (2) of each of the colors red, orange, and yellow for a total of (6) top-sized bulbs.

About Fritillaria: Fritillaria (or Crown Imperials as they are ...

Item# 87108 Quantity: 6 bulbs
40% OFF
Image of Ivory Bells Fritillaria

Ivory Bells Fritillaria

Greenish white mini-bell florets sit a top strong stems with greenish-grey leaves on this unique and highly sought after Fritillaria. The bulb size of the Ivory Bells Fritillaria are a whopping 20+ cm!! Best impact will be made when planted in clusters of 3-5. Good choice for back of the border, green flowering plant, deer, rabbit and squirrel resistance, and attracting butterflies. Plant in well-drained soil, Fritillaria ...

Item# 87103 Quantity: 1 bulb
40% OFF
Image of Lutea Yellow Fritillaria

Lutea Yellow Fritillaria

This Lutea Yellow Fritillaria rises like the sun above your other plants! Its tufts of leaves sit atop its down-turned nodding bell-shaped flowers of clear yellow. Truly stately in the garden, these bulbs remain untouched by four-legged critters and some claim they even help keep them away from surrounding plants. Try one today! Please note: this bulb should be planted on it's side in very well drained soil to avoid rotting. For detailed info on

Item# 87104 Quantity: 1 bulb
40% OFF
Image of Mixed Checkered Lily Fritillaria

Mixed Checkered Lily Fritillaria

The Mixed Checkered Lily Fritillaria is unlike many others in its family. It is also known as Guinea Hen, Misson Bells, or Snakes Head. Its blooms, which often hang like a nodding tulip, truly appear checkered with their reddish-brown, purple, and white colorations. This fritillaria is a wonderful naturalizer and is great for the gardener looking to add unique plants to his or her garden. Also helps to keep pests such as deer and rodents ...

Item# 87102 Quantity: 25 bulbs
40% OFF
Image of Persica Purple Fritillaria

Persica Purple Fritillaria

With its dramatic form and coloring, this Purple Fritillaria (or Fritillaria persica) is tough to beat! Each stem of this exquisite plant produces 7 to 30 nodding bell-shaped flowers in a striking purple color. These tall plants are definite attention-grabbers and are sure to make an impression on visitors to your garden. Look great when combined with other purple, pink, or white blooms. Please note: this bulb should be planted on it's ...

Item# 87105 Quantity: 1 bulb
40% OFF
Purple and White Fritillaria Collection

Purple and White Fritillaria Collection

Bell shaped clusters or Purple and White flowers will adorn the back of your spring border. Mix the Purple and Ivory Bells Fritillaria for a natural look, or plant in groupings for a more consistent look. Will look amazing planted behind your mid-spring blooming yellow,purple, orange, and white tulips!

Fritillaria Planting Tip: Fritillaria do not like wet feet due to excess moisture or heavy, poor draining soils. It is best to ...

Item# 87109 Quantity: 6 bulbs
25% OFF
Image of Rubra Red Fritillaria Rubra Maxima

Rubra Red Fritillaria Rubra Maxima

Rising above all other plants in the garden mid-spring, this Red Fritillaria (or Crown Imperial) is full of elegance and grace. This focal point of your garden bears bright red/orange bells which look down on the rest of the world. Plant these in your garden to keep deer and pests away. Please note: this bulb should be planted on it's side in very well drained soil to avoid rotting.

Item# 87106 Quantity: 1 bulb
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