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Customer Service
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Double Daffodils

Double Daffodils or Double Narcissi feature a clustered/layered cup and petals with one or more flowers per stem. With an array of color choices, heights and bloom shapes, there is a double daffodil that will appeal to any garden or landscape. They are deer resistant, and make a lovely cut flower.

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50% OFF
 Double Daffodil Collection

Double Daffodil Collection

One of the most elegant looking blooms in the spring garden, these double daffodils will be a welcome sight after a long, cold winter! Many of these beauties are fragrant and all are deer resistent!
This Double Daffodil Collection contains (4) packages of our customers' favorites plus one bonus package! These include the following:

White Lion Double Daffodil: 12-18" tall. This daffodil is sure to be ...

Item# 82166 Quantity: 35 bulbs
55% OFF
Image of Bridal Crown Daffodil

Bridal Crown Daffodil

Truly resembling a crown for a bride, this daffodil bears 3 to 4 flowers per stem giving it a delicate yet full look. The 'Bridal Crown' Daffodil grows somewhat shorter than other daffodils, adding nice height and texture elements to the garden. Its full white delightfully fragrant flowers are each adorned with a brilliant yellow center and look wonderful in cut flower arrangements!

Item# 82128 Quantity: 10 bulbs
30% OFF
Image of Dick Wilden Daffodil

Dick Wilden Daffodil

Make your rainy spring days brighter with this sunny daffodil! The yellows of this 'Dick Wilden' Double Daffodil beckons the sun to come back out with its magnificent pointed yellow petals surrounding the full, ruffled golden center. The sturdy stem on this one will stand up to the hardest of rainstorms and makes it perfect for fresh floral arrangments! Symbolic for new beginnings & to ensure happiness! Official flower for March & December ...

Item# 82149 Quantity: 10 bulbs
30% OFF
Image of Gay Tabor Daffodil

Gay Tabor Daffodil

Large double ivory blooms are accented by golden-orange centers. This double daffodil typically blooms in late April to Early May, and does best when planted in full sun.

Item# 82185 Quantity: 5 bulbs
30% OFF
Image of My Story Double Daffodil

My Story Double Daffodil

'My Story' Double Daffodil is a bright and cheery white and salmon colored double blossom that will make Your garden story truly memorable. Narcissus species are great for naturalizing and are also not favored by deer. Symbolic for new beginnings & to ensure happiness! Official flower for March & December Birthdays and 10yr wedding anniversaries!

Item# 82125 Quantity: 10 bulbs
30% OFF
Image of Peach Cobbler Double Daffodil

Peach Cobbler Double Daffodil

Item# 82202 Quantity: 5 bulbs
30% OFF
Image of Sir Winston Churchill Daffodil

Sir Winston Churchill Daffodil

Extremely similar to the 'Cheerfulness' Daffodil, the 'Sir Winston Churchill' Daffodil is another one not to be left out of your garden! Resembling a small gardenia, these creamy white flowers also produce the same wonderful frangrance and boasts of a double center accented with vibrant orange. The flower stems of this daffodil also produce three to four blooms each. Symbolic for new beginnings & to ensure happiness! Official flower for March &

Item# 82130 Quantity: 5 bulbs
30% OFF
Image of Tahiti Daffodil

Tahiti Daffodil

Make your yard a tropical paradise this spring with the 'Tahiti' Daffodil! This daffodil is truly alluring with its golden petals and vivid orange-red center. The blooms, which can sometimes last up to four weeks, stand on top of sturdy stems making it able to stand up even to the toughest spring rainstorms. Not only is the daffodil gorgeous and deer resistant, it also blooms with quite a pleasant fragrance! Symbolic for new beginnings & to ...

Item# 82126 Quantity: 5 bulbs
30% OFF
Image of White Lion Double Daffodil

White Lion Double Daffodil

This daffodil is sure to be a roaring hit! Colossal and marvelous, the 'White Lion' Double Daffodil is rightly name! Its gorgeous white petals surround a full, ruffled center of golden petals which contains a few white sticking out here and there. It truly resembles the mane of a lion! Symbolic for new beginnings & to ensure happiness! Official flower for March & December Birthdays and 10yr wedding anniversaries!

Item# 82142 Quantity: 5 bulbs
40% OFF
Image of Yellow Cheerfulness Daffodil Jumbo Pack

Yellow Cheerfulness Daffodil Jumbo Pack

Add some cheery yellow to your late spring garden! This jumbo pack of Yellow Cheerfulness daffodils is sure to delight! Yellow Cheerfulness is a variety of double daffodils which are great for naturalizing, perennializing and cut flowers!

Take advantage of this special and limited pricing a deal like this most likely will not be available again!

Item# 82132 Quantity: 25 bulbs
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