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Climbing Flower Seeds

Order climbing flower seeds like morning glory seed packet. All seed-only orders are only $2.99 shipping and are shipped out next business day.

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Image of African Sunset Thunbergia

African Sunset Thunbergia

For a constantly changing display of color, plant African Sunset! The opening color of the 1-2" blooms is creamy ivory, followed by blushing shades of apricot-salmon and deep, rosy-red. There are even some white blossoms for contrast! Flowering profusely throughout the summer and fall, this Thunbergia variety does exceptionally well in the season's heat. Easy to grow in moist, well-drained soil. Great hummingbird attractor!


Item# 75646 Quantity: 15-20 seeds
50% OFF
Image of Black Eyed Susan Climbers

Black Eyed Susan Climbers

Shades of yellow, cream and white to brighten your fence or trellis. Stunning climber. Great in Hanging baskets and window boxes too. Easy to grow.

Item# 75587 Quantity: Approx. 15 seeds
50% OFF
Image of Cardinal Climber

Cardinal Climber

With twining vines of bright green, fern-like foliage and crimson trumpet shaped flowers and is a hummingbird's favorite. Suitable for arbors, trellises, fences and posts and can grow up to 15-20 feet! These easy-to-maintain plants will grow almost where in your garden.

Garden Tip: Soak seeds overnight before planting to increase germination.

Item# 75589 Quantity: Approx. 25 seeds
50% OFF
Image of Choice Mix Morning Glory

Choice Mix Morning Glory

A beautiful combination of dark blue, pink and rose flowers makes Choice mix Morning Glory "our choice." Easy to grow in any spot you choose.

Garden Tip: These seeds have a very hard coat. Soaking overnight or nicking the seed before planting helps germination.

Item# 75640 Quantity:
50% OFF
Image of Clarks Heavenly Blue Morning Glory

Clarks Heavenly Blue Morning Glory

Spectacular blue flowers make Clark's Heavenly Blue or most popular climbing vine. Thrives when growing on a trellis, fence or arbor.

Garden Tip: Soaking seeds overnight or nicking the seed before planting to increase germination.

Item# 75639 Quantity: Approx. 150 seeds
50% OFF
Image of Hyacinth Bean

Hyacinth Bean

Delicate rose-purple flowers that are accompanied by dark maroon bean pods. A great climber or ground cover. Also does nice as a cut flowers and pods.

Item# 75595 Quantity: Approx. 15 seeds
50% OFF
Image of Moonflower


Fragrant, giant white flowers that open in the evening! Vigorous climber does well on trellis, arbor or fence.Plant near a window or porch to enjoy evening performance.

Item# 75601 Quantity: Approx. 10 seeds
50% OFF
Image of Morning Glory - Picotee Blue

Morning Glory - Picotee Blue

Double and single blooms of deep violet blue, trimmed in white is one of nature's rarest color combinations. This gorgeous climber enhances any location in your garden. A test garden winner!

Garden Tip: Soaking seeds overnight or nicking the seed before planting to increase germination.

Item# 75603 Quantity: Approx. 20 seeds
50% OFF
Image of Painted Lady Improved Climber

Painted Lady Improved Climber

A lush vine producing gorgeous blooms and yummy beans. Who could ask for anything more! Red and white blooms add color to a fence or trellis. Painted Lady Improved has edible beans that will add to any meal. An easy-to-grow vine. Plant Painted Lady and find out for yourself. Blooms in 70 days.

Garden Tip: Pick the beans regularly to keep the plants producing.


Item# 75695 Quantity:
50% OFF
Image of Passion Flower

Passion Flower

The 2-4" exotic blooms of the Blue Passion Flower feature a circle of white petals overlaid in the center with pointed filaments of blue, white, and purple. This extremely fast-growing vine can be trained to grow over a fence or up a wall. Container growing with a trellis is recommended. The flowers are followed by egg-shaped, orange-yellow fruits that are edible. Make into jelly or use as a food source for some types of ...

Item# 75652 Quantity:
50% OFF
Image of Red Picotee Morning Glory

Red Picotee Morning Glory

Picotee Red's blossoms of red trimmed in white add charm and delight to your garden. Gorgeous growing in a hanging basket or climbing a trellis. Always a favorite in our trial gardens!

Gardening Tip: Soak seed overnight to promote germination. Notching seeds also helpful.

Item# 75604 Quantity: Approx. 15 seeds
50% OFF
Image of Sunrise Serenade Morning Glory

Sunrise Serenade Morning Glory

Attention! That's what this unique morning glory gets in abundance! An old heirloom variety not available for a long time, Sunrise Serenade is back, and you'll want it for your garden. The double, ruffled, 1-3" ruby-red flowers with white centers stay open longer than other mroning glory varieties. The heart-shaped leaves are an added attraction for this plant that's at home in containers or on a trellis. Also good for flower arranging. Grows ...

Item# 75602 Quantity: Approx. 10 seeds
50% OFF
Image of Venice Pink Morning Glory

Venice Pink Morning Glory

Cherry-pink swirls accent the fabulous blooms of Venice Pink Morning Glory making it one of the most outstanding flowers to own. The vines are perfect on trellises, arbors, or fences, adding just the right touch of elegance to your gardens. This is a prolific bloomer with the touch of an artist's brush.

Garden Tip: Soak seeds overnight to increase germination. Notching the seed coat is also helpful.

Item# 75645 Quantity:
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