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Corn & Ornamental Corn Seeds

Corn Seeds is are very popular with home gardeners because it tastes appreciably better when it is harvested and eaten fresh from the garden. Successive plantings can yield continual harvests from early summer until frost if the weather cooperates. Sweet corn is high in fiber, niacin, folate and some vitamin A.

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Image of Blue Miniature Ornamental Corn

Blue Miniature Ornamental Corn

The mini blue is a gorgeous medium blue-colored ear. The small narrow cobs average 2" to 4" in length. This is just the right companion for the vivid colors of fall. Can be used for all your decorating needs. Grow your own novelty.

Garden tip: For best pollination plant in blocks, not rows.

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Image of Broom Corn

Broom Corn

Broom corn has been used to make brooms for generations. Today many still enjoy growing to "craft" their own brooms for sweeping and decorating. The colorful seeds and stems may be used to create gorgeous arrangements, and the strong stems may be used as stakes. Broom corn is actually a tall grass and forms majestic fan-shaped seed heads instead of ears of corn. Fun for all ages. Broom corn is a beautiful and useful plant. Grows 8-12' ...

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Image of Ornamental Corn Earth Tones Dent

Ornamental Corn Earth Tones Dent

Unique! Earth Tones Dent is like no other corn. Each ear is a jewel in delicate pastel shades of lavender, bronze, mauve, gold, periwinkle, and green. Gorgeous in fall decorations, wreaths, and floral arrangements. Can be ground into flour. Another favorite idea is to use this corn to feed neighborhood birds and squirrels. Grows 4-6' tall. Matures in 85-95 days.

Garden tip: As an open-pollinated variety, Earth Tones is susceptible to

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Image of Strawberry Popcorn Ornamental Corn

Strawberry Popcorn Ornamental Corn

Tasty when popped, Strawberry Popcorn is often grown for its ornamental qualities. The 2" ears resemble strawberries in color and shape. Kernels turn white when popped. Each stalk usually yields 2 to 4 ears. This can provide a colorful touch to your fall decorating. Grows 4-6' tall. Matures in 100 days.

Garden tip: For fun, pop the corn on the small cobs inside a paper bag in the microwave for about 4-5 minutes on a high ...

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Image of Sweet Corn Kandy King

Sweet Corn Kandy King

When refrigerated, Kandy King holds its flavor up to 10 days after picking. Enjoy wonderful sweet corn taste before later varieties are ready. Tolerates cooler soils better than most varieties.

Garden Tip: Sweet corn needs full sun, good drainage and lots of room. Plant rows about 3 to 4 feet apart.

Check out this great recipe:

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Image of Sweet Corn Peaches and Cream

Sweet Corn Peaches and Cream

Summertime flavor from our yellow and white kerneled garden winner! Holds its wonderful flavor up to 14 days after maturity. If you love sweet corn, you can't be without Peaches and Cream. Enjoy fresh, canned or frozen.

Garden Tip: Sweet corn is a warm-seasoned crop, growing best when daytime temperatures are 70-80°F. Soil should be well supplied with moisture. Adequate moisture at time off tasseling/flowering is probably ...

Item# 75523 Quantity: Approx. 85 seeds
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