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Annual Seeds

Try growing your own annual seeds this year! Each variety will provide bright bursts of color that will last all season. Great for containers, bed borders, and window boxes!

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Image of Amaranth Josephs Coat

Amaranth Josephs Coat

A blazing whirl of fantastic color. Joseph's Coat is beautiful when used in containers, edging or mass plantings. So striking, it can be planted as a specimen plant.

Garden Tip: Heat and drought tolerant. Fertilize minimally, as fertilizing will dull the plants vibrant colors.

Item# 75585 Quantity:
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Image of Amaranth Love Lies Bleeding

Amaranth Love Lies Bleeding

Create your own exotic focal point with Love Lies Bleeding. The stately plant has long lasting tassels reaching 18" adding color and interest to your garden. Fresh or dried, the lavish and draping plumes of red will bring drama to your bouquets. Grows 3-5" tall.

Garden Tip: Amaranth is easy to grow from seed and is drought tolerant.

Item# 75667 Quantity:
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Image of California Orange Poppy

California Orange Poppy

Orange appeal! California Orange Poppy is a cup-shaped orange flower on lacy foliage. This is a great variety to plant in mass, as a specimen plant, or as part of a wildflower garden. California Poppies grow 12-18" tall and also quite drought resistant.

Gardening Tip: Easy to grow. Direct sowing is recommended.

Item# 75609 Quantity: Approx. 200 seeds
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Image of Canterbury Bells

Canterbury Bells

A perfect accent for garden gates and entryways, our Canterbury Bells provide spectacular color selection and large ruffled blossoms that are sure to impress. In shades of blue-violet, pink and white this variety is exceptional and easy to grow.

Garden Tip: Consider fertilizing every two to three months during growing season for best height and heaviest blooms.

Item# 75588 Quantity: Approx. 500 seeds
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Image of Chinese Lantern

Chinese Lantern

Chinese Lantern is prized for its brilliant and unique orange seed pods. A great addition to both fresh and dried arrangements! This plant is also striking in the landscape when used in borders, beds, and containers. Produces a cream, bell-shaped bloom in midsummer.

Drying Tip: Use a warm, dry place with adequate air circulation. Remove leaves and make sure flowers are free from rain, dew, or water from the hose ...

Item# 75655 Quantity:
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Image of Cleome - Color Fountain Mix

Cleome - Color Fountain Mix

For a unique addition to garden borders and fence lines, our Color Fountain Mix is just the answer! This variety offers and attractive collection of pink, magenta and ivory blooms. Crowned with wispy blooms, the Cleome is easy to grow.

Garden Tip: Heat and drought tolerant.

Item# 75590 Quantity:
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Image of Cosmos Sensation Mixture

Cosmos Sensation Mixture

The Cosmos Sensation Mixture adds color to any garden with its shades of white, rose, pink and crimson. The 3-4" blossoms with feathery foliage grow rapidly. These easy-to-grow, drought resistant flowers will attract butterflies.

Garden Tip: Prior to planting, cultivate soil to a depth of 1-2" and rake to remove debris. After seed is sown, watering should begin immediately. Water lightly and frequently to keep the seed bed moist.

Item# 75592 Quantity: Approx. 300 seeds
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Image of Dwarf Jewel Mix Nasturtium

Dwarf Jewel Mix Nasturtium

The bright shades of red, orange, salmon, and yellow will add a bright splash of color to your landscape! Nasturtiums are compact plants and fit almost anywhere. With a flavor similar to watercress, Dwarf Jewel adds color and tastes to salad or when used as a garnish!

Garden Tip: Easy to grow. Does not like excessive heat.

Item# 75657 Quantity:
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Image of Dwarf Tri-color Morning Glory

Dwarf Tri-color Morning Glory

Capture the charm of a cottage with these miniature marvels. Vibrant in color and hassle free, no trellis needed. These sophisticated flowers will quickly become the highlight of your garden.

Garden Tip: Soak seeds for 12-24 hours in advance and then sow directly.

Item# 75605 Quantity: Approx. 10 seeds
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Image of Four O Clocks

Four O Clocks

Hummingbirds love it! The Four O'clock is named for its characteristic blooming after 4 p.m. They are white, crimson, violet, yellow and stripped. Excellent in containers as well as borders. Four O'clock fragrance is outstanding when in bloom!

Garden Tip: Keep soil moderately moist during germination.

Item# 75593 Quantity: Approx. 100 seeds
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Image of Gazania- Daybreak Tiger Stripes

Gazania- Daybreak Tiger Stripes

Exquisite mix of bronze, rose, yellow and cream blooms with a contrasting stripe on each petal. Excellent for bedding, borders and containers. Will tolerate heat and dry conditions. Summer droughts are no problem! Grows 10" tall.

Item# 75660 Quantity: 100 mg
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Image of Giant Cactus Double Mix Zinnia

Giant Cactus Double Mix Zinnia

Giant Cactus Double mix Zinnia's name is fitting because of the size and beauty of its blooms. They reach 4-5" in diameter in bright shades of red, white, pink and rose. This is a cactus flowering zinnia, meaning the petals are quilled, which gives the blooms a striking appearance. Giant Cactus is outstanding in beds, borders, containers, and as a cut flower for indoors.Grows 2-3' tall.

*Garden tip: Heat tolerate and easy to ...

Item# 75661 Quantity:
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Image of Giant Imperial Mix Larkspur

Giant Imperial Mix Larkspur

A stunning backdrop for your summer's color. Spikes of pink, purple, white and lavender are stately in your garden, cut flower bouquets, and dried flower arrangements. Also known as annual delphinium.
Grows 3-5' tall, and blooms summer through fall.

Garden tip: To dry, remove any leaves that will not dry well. Tie 6 to 10 stems together. Hang upside down in any warm, dry place with adequate air circulation.

Item# 75663 Quantity:
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Image of Marigold Petite

Marigold Petite

Don't let the name fool you; this specialty variety gives you big flowers on compact plants. Rich, warm hues of gold, mahogany, orange and even bicolor will light up your garden or window box. Plant in mass or add a spot of color where needed.

Garden Tip: Easy to grow. Deadheading prolongs blooming through the summer.

Item# 75600 Quantity: Approx. 500 seeds
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Image of Oriole Zinnia Seeds

Oriole Zinnia Seeds

Oriole Zinnia is a wonderful choice to add just the right contrast in your garden or bouquets. The giant, double orange and gold blooms scream, "Look at me!" Plant these gems for a "centerpiece" in your garden and expect many compliments!

Garden Tip: When harvesting zinnia flowers for arrangements, cut stems to desired size by cutting just above a leaf node or bud to encourage new blooms on the ...

Item# 75644 Quantity:
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Image of Peach Melba Superior Nasturtium

Peach Melba Superior Nasturtium

A perfect choice for the "forgetful" gardener, as these smooth delights require little attention. They are fetching in swaths of color with other Nasturtium varieties, as well as in pots of hanging baskets. The Peach Melba's versatility is surprising. Its blooms can be an accent to your favorite salad as they are completely edible and the pungent seeds can replace pepper in your pepper mill!

Garden Tip: ...

Item# 75658 Quantity:
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Image of Purple Prince Zinnia

Purple Prince Zinnia

Purple Prince Zinnia is a "prince" growing in your garden. Its intense purple color and stately height make this a very showy zinnia. Purple Prince is stunning planted among other summer blooms and will compliment any garden. Loved by hummingbirds and butterflies...and YOU after growing!

Garden Tip: Pinch plants to encourage branching, unless you are growing for cut flowers only and need long stems. Very ...

Item# 75642 Quantity:
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Image of Sweet Pea Royal Mixture

Sweet Pea Royal Mixture

An attractive splash of color on a garden trellis, fence or gate. Royal Mixture Sweet Pea is a superb cut flower, too. Each stem has up to 7 flowers in shades of white, pink, rose, lavender, scarlet and purple.

Garden Tip: Sweet Peas love sun and rich soil. Soak seeds overnight to increase germination.

Item# 75613 Quantity:
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Image of Thumbelina Mix Zinnia

Thumbelina Mix Zinnia

Does the earth laugh in flowers? Thumbelina Zinnia would make you think so! Its sassy, button like blooms in shades of yellow, pink, magenta, and white are excellent in borders, beds and containers. Continue deadheading for continual blooming.

Garden tip: Zinnias thrive in hot weather. Water deeply by soaking soil, and avoid spraying the foliage.

Item# 75662 Quantity:
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Image of Wildflower Butterfly Mix

Wildflower Butterfly Mix

Blooms and butterflies! Butterfly mix is a wonderful way to enhance a garden or slope in your yard. Low maintenance and easy to grow. Mix contains, cosmos, Chinese forget me not, sunflower, marigold crackerjack, zinnia, blanket flower, sweet alyssum, aster single mix, lance leaved coreopsis, sweet William, purple coneflower, candytuft, glorosia daisy and foxglove. Grows 3-5' tall.

Garden Tip: Soil should be cultivated to a depth ...

Item# 75670 Quantity:
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Image of Zinnia - Creeping

Zinnia - Creeping

A cheerful sunshine burst of color is found with Creeping Zinnia. Lemon orange petals and unique centers make these one inch blossoms special. Very heat and drought tolerant.

Item# 75615 Quantity:
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Image of Zinnia Lilliput

Zinnia Lilliput

Lush pom-poms of color make Lilliput desirable for your garden, containers and along walkways. Blooms, in shades of pink, yellow, red, orange and white, make for excellent cutting flowers.

Garden Tip: Prior to planting, cultivate soil to a depth of 1-2" and rake to remove debris. After seed is sown, watering should begin immediately. Water lightly and frequently, keeping the seed bed moist.

Item# 75616 Quantity: Approx. 300 seeds
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Image of Zinnia State Fair Mix

Zinnia State Fair Mix

Large blooms in hues of red, yellow, orange, purple, pink and white make this Zinnia a winner. These vibrant blooms will bring life to gardens, borders and containers. Excellent as a cut flower.

Garden Tip: This easy-to-grow plant is disease resistant and sun and heat tolerant. Ideal for beginner gardeners.

Item# 75618 Quantity: Approx. 300 seeds
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