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Allium Bulbs

Let our Allium Bulbs be the perfect flower for your garden! On sale now are Allium Aflatunense, Allium Giganteum, Allium Globemaster, White Allium, Purple Allium Bulbs and more. All allium flower bulbs are deer resistant, late spring blooming and grow 10-48 inches. They are good for naturalizing and do very well even in poor soil conditions.

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Image of  White Giant Allium

White Giant Allium

Looking for Giant White flowers to match your giant purple flowers of the Allium giganteum? Look no further! The White Giant Giant Allium blooms will grow at least as large as the softball and up to 5 feet tall. Great choice for vertical accent, back of the border plant, and cut or dried flower!

Item# 81120 Quantity: 1 bulb
30% OFF
Image of Allium atropurpureum

Allium atropurpureum

Deep burgundy wine colored blooms, are 2" across with flat bottoms. Blooming early to mid summer this heirloom allium pairs well with white or yellow bearded iris, as well as white allium like Mount Everest. Plant Allium atropurpureum in groupings of 3-5 bulbs in full sun with well draining soil for best results.

Item# 81134 Quantity: 12 bulbs
30% OFF
Image of Allium giganteum - Giant Allium

Allium giganteum - Giant Allium

Giant Allium (Allium giganteum) is the tallest of the large flowering allium with 4"-6"; diameter ball-shaped flowers. The Giant Allium adds a wonderful element to a garden and will even catch the eye of the non-gardeners! These huge flowers blossom the size of softballs with a gorgeous purple color and sway atop sturdy stems in late spring. These add great texture and look great when planted amongst other shorter plants.

Item# 81111 Quantity: 1 bulb
50% OFF
Beautiful Mix of Allium Collection

Beautiful Mix of Allium Collection

Mesmerizing! Large White ball shaped blooms in the background, with medium sized ball shaped purple blooms in the foreground, bordered by dainty blue/purple sphere shaped allium in the front! Great for your garden in late spring into early summer. (blooms lasting approximately 4 weeks)

Item# 81105 Quantity: 33 bulbs
30% OFF
Image of Blue Allium (or Azure Allium)

Blue Allium (or Azure Allium)

Mesmerizing! This truly Blue Allium is unlike anything else in the late spring and early summer garden. These magnificent Blue Allium grow 2-3" in diameter and float 18-24" above the garden. The exotic blooms retain their color for nearly 4 weeks and look splendid when planted among other allium, especially Drumstick!

Item# 81121 Quantity: 25 bulbs
30% OFF
Image of Bubble Blend Allium Mix

Bubble Blend Allium Mix

A fun and bubbly mix of various medium size allium blooms is a nice addition to the late spring garden. White and various shades of purple ball shaped blooms will sit atop tall stems. For best results plant bulbs in groups of 3-5 allium per hole.

Item# 81136 Quantity: 10 bulbs
40% OFF
Colossal Allium Collection

Colossal Allium Collection

The Colossal Blooms of these three varieties of Allium will absolutely knock your socks off and impress your friends and family. Allium bulbs are easy to grow, show stopping, late spring/early summer blooming perennial bulbs. There blooms last a long time once the flowers are spent and they have dried they make a stunning addition to dried floral arrangements or dried alone in a simple vase.

Item# 81128 Quantity: 6 bulbs
50% OFF
Dark Night Duo

Dark Night Duo

Create a dramatic effect in your late spring garden by planting these Black/Purple Tulips together with light colored Allium. The center color of the petals on the Allium match the tulips and complement each other and create the perfect duo!

Plant other purple hues in your garden (that bloom early and mid-spring) to extend the affect! 

Item# 81132 Quantity: 35 bulbs
35% OFF
Image of Drumstick Allium

Drumstick Allium

Allium sphaerocephalum, also referred to as the 'Drumstick' Allium, blooms in late June, producing 1" diameter flower heads. These wine-colored blooms sway in the wind on top of 24-30" sturdy stems. A magnificent plant with a long bloom time, these Allium add great interest and movement to the garden while also being deer resistant. They look amazing when planted among ornamental grasses and other low-growing perennials!

Item# 81124 Quantity: 25 bulbs
30% OFF
Image of Flowering Onion or Allium Aflatunense

Flowering Onion or Allium Aflatunense

The Allium aflatunense is one of the most popular and beautiful of all Allium species. Its dense 4-5" diameter flower heads are packed with purple flowers and seem to float above the rest of plants in the garden on sturdy stems. Blooming in late spring, these dramatic flowers are long-lasting and make a nice transition from the spring to summer garden! Be sure to plant enough to have extra for cutting as they look ...

Item# 81115 Quantity: 5 bulbs
40% OFF
Image of Giant Allium (3 bulbs/pack) giganteum

Giant Allium (3 bulbs/pack) giganteum

This Giant Allium truly lives up to its name and is truly a marvel in the garden with its gorgeous purple blooms sometimes reaching 6" in diameter and stands up to 39" tall! The mammoth round flowers heads are extremely unique and even hold their petals long after the flower has finished blooming, making it very popular among crafters who use them in dried floral arrangements!

Item# 81127 Quantity: 3 bulbs
60% OFF
Image of Gladiator Allium

Gladiator Allium

Large flowering allium, such as Gladiator are best planted in groups of 3 or 5, you can plant 3 bulbs per square foot for the best affect. The flowers are large round and purple, growing 6-8" in diameter, in late Spring to Early Summer. Gladiator is a hybrid variety from a cross between Allium aflatunense and Allium macleanii, it is similar to Allium giganteum, however the flowers typically are slightly larger on the Gladiator.

Item# 81133 Quantity: 1 bulb
30% OFF
Image of Ivory Queen Allium

Ivory Queen Allium

This extraordinary allium is a must have for all rock gardens!. Its white to pale pink blooms can reach 5-6" in diameter on top of 6-10" tall sturdy stalks and is one of the only allium grown also for its handsome foliage. The leaves of the Allium karataviense are broad and vary in color from gray purple to gray green. Blooming in last spring to early summer, the Ivory Queen will be royalty in your garden or ...

Item# 81118 Quantity: 5 bulbs
30% OFF
Image of Mediterranean Bells Allium

Mediterranean Bells Allium

The Mediterranean Bells Allium is truly unique and will definitely catch your garden vistors' attention! Its greenish bell-shaped flowers are flushed with purple and edged in white, hanging in graceful clusters. This bulb is patricularly suited for rock gardens and container growing and naturalizes readily. You will not regret planting this beauty! Also known as Allium bulgaricum.

Item# 81116 Quantity: 6 bulbs
30% OFF
Image of Moly Allium

Moly Allium

Also called "Golden Garlic", the Moly Allium is a golden wonder! This profusely flowering bulb produces mesmerizing yellow blooms on top of foot tall steps. Its gray green foliage is also quite attractive and remains for a fairly long period. This allium is great for naturalizing and also for borders with its shorter height. Just as its family members, this Allium will not be eaten by any pesky rodents or hungry deer!

Item# 81122 Quantity: 25 bulbs
30% OFF
Image of Mount Everest Allium

Mount Everest Allium

You'll love this bulb so much you'll want to shout it from the highest mountain! The Mount Everest Allium is a unique allium growing up to three feet in height which produces creamy white flowers. The 4-6 inch spherical blooms are long-lasting, rising above other plants in the garden and emitting a soft, sweet frangrance. Try planting these among other large purple-flowering allium for more variety!

Item# 81114 Quantity: 1 bulb
50% OFF
Image of Ostrowskianum Allium Jumbo Pack

Ostrowskianum Allium Jumbo Pack

This stunning allium is one you do not want to miss! The Ostrowskianum Allium (or Pink Lily Leek) is a brilliantly colored, short allium which produces quarter-sized, deep magenta flowers which are unparelleled in the allium family! Its short height makes it great for borders or for planting in amongst other spring blooming perennials. Give your garden new charm this year with the Ostrowskianum Allium!
  • Try this Jumbo Pack of top-sized ...

Item# 81100 Quantity: 100 bulbs
50% OFF
Image of Purple Sensation Allium

Purple Sensation Allium

Sensational. Truly! The Purple Sensation Allium's versatility and place in the garden is unmatched by any other plant. Its tightly packed purple florets form 4-5" wide spherical flowerheads which are the deepest in color and densest in flowering of all of the alliums. Their height and flower size make them perfect for mid-border color accents and one of the most popular allium grown!

Item# 81119 Quantity: 5 bulbs
50% OFF
Regal Gold Duo Collection

Regal Gold Duo Collection

Plant in a clump or get a few of this collection for a beautiful mass border! Huge purple balls brightened up with the bright golden Iris will give a real 'pop' of light wherever you plant them.

Item# 89176 Quantity: 6
50% OFF
Simple Late Spring Collection

Simple Late Spring Collection

All three choices of Bearded Iris, Allium and Peony will bloom together, easily making a full color display! The bearded iris will multiply over the years and the peony wil get fuller and fuller!

Item# 89174 Quantity: 9 bulbs
30% OFF
Image of Star of Persia Allium

Star of Persia Allium

What spring garden would be complete without the unique Allium plant? These gorgeous flower heads are not called a "star" for nothing! The lavish pale amethyst-violet flowers are edges with silver highlights that are sure to light up your garden in the late spring and early summer. The 8-12" spherical blooms dry perfectly and add great winter interest or additions to dried floral bouquets. Dominating the show, the

Item# 81117 Quantity: 5 bulbs
30% OFF
Image of Summer Drummer Allium

Summer Drummer Allium

Summer Drummer Allium blooms to the beat of its own drum! One of the tallest allium available, it also gets 4" diameter blooms! The large ball shaped blooms have many florets of purple and white tips, a real standout in the allium family.

Item# 81135 Quantity: 3 bulbs
30% OFF
Image of White or Neapolitanum Allium

White or Neapolitanum Allium

The blooms of the Neapolitanum Allium (also called White Garlic) can be summed up in one word: Graceful. Its' dainty, pure white flowers stand on stalks just short of a foot tall which are absolutely exquisite. The pleasantly scented blooms are truly delightful among other taller Allium, perennials, and in flower meadows and do not appeal to hungry rodents and deer in your yard!

Item# 81125 Quantity: 25 bulbs
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