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Unusual & Specialty Bulbs

These items are Unusual and Specialty Bulbs to Holland Bulb Farms and deliver a beauty like no others can. Each one of our unique dutch imported bulbs bring thier own presence into the garden, usually being the focal point of any area and creating a uniqueness like no other.

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70% OFF
Image of Amaryllis Belladonna

Amaryllis Belladonna

Unlike indoor amaryllis, the Amaryllis Belladonna can be planted outdoors and blooms during the summer. Plant these bulbs in warm, dry, well drained soil and expose them to full or partial sun for best results. These critter resistant bulbs can be planted in gardening beds and containers and will produce fragrant pink blossoms.

Item# 78120 Quantity: 1 bulb
30% OFF
Image of Anemone De Caen - Windflower

Anemone De Caen - Windflower

Create a delightful garden with our mixed Anemone De Caen. Each package includes 25 bulbs in mixed colors of pink, purple, white, fushia and red. These vibrant flowers prosper in containers and can be used as cut flowers. Flower symbolizes unfading love and protection against evil.

Item# 78114 Quantity: 25 bulbs
30% OFF
Image of Arum Cornutum - Voodoo Lily

Arum Cornutum - Voodoo Lily

Also known as Voodoo Lily, Arum Cornutum is a unique bulb to add to your summer garden. This unusual deep crimson red plant is sure to get people commenting on your yard. Plant in a well lit area with properly drained soil.

Item# 78122 Quantity: 1 bulbs
30% OFF
Image of Emily McKenzie Crocosmia

Emily McKenzie Crocosmia

Emily McKenzie Crocosmia (cro-co-s- mia) has bright orange flowers which are highlighted by crimson throats. Crocosmia make great cut flowers and are a nice low maintenance mid summer blooming bulb.

Item# 78145 Quantity: 5 bulbs
30% OFF
Image of Glory Lily Rothschildiana

Glory Lily Rothschildiana

The Gloriosa Lily is a unique bulb that you are sure to want in your summer garden. This exotic flower will bring you home to the tropics with its vining habit and vibrantly-colored red and yellow wavy, swept-back petals. Grow in your favorite container or let it trail up your favorite arbor or along an architectural structure.

Item# 78121 Quantity: 1 bulbs
30% OFF
Image of Grecian Windflower- Anemone blanda

Grecian Windflower- Anemone blanda

Looking for a cute, petite plant to grow in your garden among your bulbs and/or perennials? Look no further! Grecian Windflowers or Anemone are just what you need! These bulbs produce short, dainty daisy-like flowers in a variety of colors including deep blue, light blue, pink, and purple all with yellow centers. It is impossible to look at these flowers and not smile! Also makes an excellent groundcover. Flower symbolizes unfading love and ...

Item# 78133 Quantity: 25 bulbs
30% OFF
Image of Hardy Fall Cyclamen

Hardy Fall Cyclamen

The Cyclamen Neapolitanum is a small a petite pink flower that will bloom in masses of waxy 1" flowers. This dark green and silver leaves make for a great container or pot plant. This plant grows only 4 inches tall.

Item# 77125 Quantity: 2 bulbs
55% OFF
Image of Iron Cross (Oxalis)

Iron Cross (Oxalis)

Oxalis Iron Cross, also called Four Leaf Clover, are unique bulbs. They produce clusters of rosy pink blossoms during the summer, but watch out because the foliage has a unique solid purple imprint in the middle of the four heart shaped leaves. Looks great in containers, windowboxes or borders. A symbol of good luck!

Item# 78131 Quantity: 25 bulbs
30% OFF
Image of Italian Arum or Orange Candleflower

Italian Arum or Orange Candleflower

Arum can be grown year round, but is ideal during the winter and early spring months. Arrow-shaped leaves arrive in spring, then later in early summer, you'll see spikes of bright orange berries. Foliage then appears to finish out the season. With its speckled arrow-shaped leaves and orange "seed pod" flowers, you will definitely have a unique plant in your gardens and containers.

Item# 78119 Quantity: 1 bulb
30% OFF
Image of Japanese Spider Lily

Japanese Spider Lily

The Nerine Bowdenii (also known as Cape Flower or Lycoris, Guernsey Lily or Japanese Spider Lily, naked lady) is a delicate pink flower. Nerine blooms as a cluster of flowers on a leafless stem. Each flower is trumpet-shaped, and the petals curl backward. You will receive 2 bulbs per bag. Honeysuckle: the Pantone color of the year!

Item# 78125 Quantity: 2 bulbs
35% OFF
Image of Mixed Buttercup

Mixed Buttercup

Our mixed ranunculus in shades of yellow, white, red, orange, cream and pink do well in summer garden beds and containers. These unique and elegant flowers are ideal for cutting and will brighten bouquets and centerpieces. A symbol of radiant charm.
*These bulbs will need at least 4-6 weeks of cool (evening 40-50° & daytime 60-75°) weather to sprout. If too warm, they will stay dormant. Can take 6-8 weeks to sprout.  ...

Item# 78115 Quantity: 25 bulbs
50% OFF
Image of Mixed Freesia Value Bag

Mixed Freesia Value Bag

Mixed Freesia comes in purples, yellows, reds, pinks,and whites. Use these little beauties for color, fragrance and elegant form, this mix is a summertime favorite. Excellent for cutting or for sprinkling throughout an established bed.
Also used for 7th Wedding Anniversaries. Symbolizes innocence and thoughtfulness.

Full sun, rich soil and good drainage are essential to get these to bloom. Must be ...

Item# 78134 Quantity: 25 bulbs
30% OFF
Image of Montbretia or Crocosmia Lucifer

Montbretia or Crocosmia Lucifer

The Crocosmia Lucifer are very similar to the gladioli. These plants produce clumps of green sword-shaped leaves, with tall, arching spikes of funnel-shaped blossoms. They are dark red in color.

Item# 78128 Quantity: 5 bulbs
65% OFF
Image of Peacock Orchid or Abyssianian Gladiolus

Peacock Orchid or Abyssianian Gladiolus

Looking for a somewhat unique flower to plant in your garden? The Peacock Orchid is a great choice! Its white with crimson star center are somewhat delicate flowers that are similar to those of an orchid and emit a fragrance as beautiful as the blooms themselves! This flower is very much at home in a garden, but also looks amazing when added to cut flower arrangements!

Item# 78109 Quantity: 12 bulbs
30% OFF
Image of Peruvian Daffodil or Spider Flower

Peruvian Daffodil or Spider Flower

Unusual but beautiful, the Ismene Festalis (also call Peruvian Daffodil) looks almost to delicate to touch! This flower is known for their unique design and fragrance. These 4-inch flowers are borne atop 2-foot, leafless flower stalks in midsummer. Each stem may hold 2 to 5 flowers, which are white with green stripes. The leaves are straplike and may be up to 2 ft long. Each bag comes with 2 bulbs.

Item# 78124 Quantity: 2 bulbs
65% OFF
Image of Pineapple Lily

Pineapple Lily

The Eucomis Bicolor (also called Pineapple Lily) is garden show piece! It has pale green, star-shaped flowers with maroon edged petals. The leaves reach are wide, strap-shaped, light green leaves.

Item# 78127 Quantity: 1 bulb
30% OFF
Image of Purple Sensation Ranunculus

Purple Sensation Ranunculus

These new buttercups are just marvelous! An alluring shade of eggplant, the blooms of this Purple Sensation Ranunculus are sure to become one of your latest favorites. Excellent when used in borders and among other lower-growing plants, these handsome little guys will also look great in cutflower arrangements as they are a favorite of florists everywhere!
*These bulbs will need at least 4-6 weeks of cool (evening 40-50° & ...

Item# 77358 Quantity: 15 bulbs
60% OFF
Image of Red Hot Poker - Torch Lily Value Bag

Red Hot Poker - Torch Lily Value Bag

Kinphofia also known as Red Hot Poker will add bright shades of orange and red blooms to your garden. Known as a favorite for hummingbirds! Very tall growth anywhere from 3 to 4 feet tall. Great for borders or as cut flowers and for that tropical feel. Blooms for weeks!

Item# 77259 Quantity: 3 plant starts
30% OFF
Image of Sparkling Burgundy Pineapple Lily

Sparkling Burgundy Pineapple Lily

Sparkling Burgundy Pineapple Lily is our new favorite for a centerpiece of your container garden. Burdgundy leaves form first followed by a spike or burgundy flowers. Once the flowers dry the seed heads stay intact and create a flower like effect, making the longevity of this bloom months.

Item# 78144 Quantity: 1 bulb
55% OFF
Image of St. Brigid Mix Anemone (Windflower)

St. Brigid Mix Anemone (Windflower)

Our Anemone St. Brigid bulbs will produce small flowers with red or pink or purple or white petals with black center and glossy foilage through out the summer months. These easy to grow flowers will thrive in slightly shaded locations that have well drained soil. Flower symbolizes unfading love and protection against evil.

Item# 78110 Quantity: 25 bulbs
30% OFF
Image of The Pearl Double Flowering Tuberose

The Pearl Double Flowering Tuberose

Highly fragrant double white blossoms, will fill the stem of this special Tuberose. Hardy in zones 7 and above and best grown in afternoon sun. Prefers moist, well drained soil.

Item# 78140 Quantity: 1 bulb
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