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Elephant Ears / Caladiums Bulbs

Caladium Bulbs & Elephant Ear Bulbs are among the most eye catching of the bulbs available for purchase. Not only are the elephant ears one of the largest flowering bulbs available but they are also very versatile in that they can go with little to no direct sunlight. Caladium Bulbs are just as rigorous as they do well in full to partial shade.

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30% OFF
Image of BULK Elephant Ears 3 Pack

BULK Elephant Ears 3 Pack

Give your garden a tropical look this year with these 3 Elephant Ear bulbs. Known for their giant green leaves. Elephant Ears are perfect for any sunny garden. When looking at the leaves, its easy to see where this plant received its name: each leaf can reach 2-3 feet in length and 1-2 feet in width. You will truly have the neighbors talking when this guy reaches his full height of six feet in your landscape in a few years! Also works great as a

Item# 72102 Quantity: 3 bulbs
30% OFF
Image of Caladium Mixed (5 per bag)

Caladium Mixed (5 per bag)

These beautiful Fancy-leaved Caladium plants will produce a wide-variety of colored foliage, from bright red, pink, green and white variegated leaves. Caladiums thrive outdoors in the garden or in patio containers, placed in shade or semi-shade areas. A wonderful way to add interest to your moist, shaded areas!

Item# 72100 Quantity: 5 bulbs
35% OFF
Image of Candidum Caladium

Candidum Caladium

Brighten up your shade areas with this lovely plant, grown for its lush green foliage with white veination patterns. This leafy green and white plant loves the shade but can tolerate early morning and late afternoon sun. The Candidum is the ideal plant for use in patio boxes, window sills or as border plants. Also, be sure to add some to your hanging pot for an extremely full look!

Item# 72104 Quantity: 3 bulbs
35% OFF
Image of Carolyn Whorton Caladium

Carolyn Whorton Caladium

Looking to brighten up your shaded areas? The Carolyn Whorton Caladium will do the trick! Producing beautifully lush green and pink leaves with red veins, this caladium is truly gorgeous. This plant has also done quite well in full sun areas where it received regular moisture. A very versatile plant!

Item# 72105 Quantity: 3 bulbs
35% OFF
Image of Desert Sunset Caladium

Desert Sunset Caladium

This new for 2015 strap leaf caladium, has all pink leaves that are sun tolerant! Looks great as an accent plant in your patio containers, as well as mixed in the shade or part sun border!

Item# 72138 Quantity: 3 bulbs
25% OFF
Image of Elephant Ear - Colocasia esculenta

Elephant Ear - Colocasia esculenta

Give your garden a tropical look this year with this large Elephant Ear. Known for its giant green leaves and the baseball-sized bulbs, Elephant Ears are perfect for any sunny garden. When looking at the leaves, its easy to see where this plant received its name: each leaf can reach 2-3 feet in length and 1-2 feet in width. You will truly have the neighbors talking when this guy reaches his full height of six feet in your landscape this year!

Item# 72101 Quantity: 1 bulb
35% OFF
Image of Jumbo Elephant Ear

Jumbo Elephant Ear

Elephant Ears are impressive regardless of the bulb size, but with this Jumbo Elephant Ear bulb you will receive a truly colossal size bulb! Elephant Ears are great plants for screening out unsightly areas as well as creating a truly tropical feel!

Planting tip: If growing Elephant Ears in a climate where they are not hardy (zones 3-7) trying growing it in a pot so you can bring the plant indoors in winter and have a

Item# 72116 Quantity: 1 bulb
30% OFF
Image of Moonlight Caladium

Moonlight Caladium

A Fancy Leaf Caladium (often called Angel Wings) that is very white: white heart-shaped leaves around surrounded by white veins. This plant makes a wonderful addition to brighten the shady spots of your landscape,and look magnificent when planted amongst dark foliage plants, such as Heuchera. The Moonlight Caladium prefers a little morning sun with shade in the afternoon.

Planting Tip: If you are located in zones 4-9, ...

Item# 72117 Quantity: 3 bulbs
35% OFF
Image of Postman Joyner Caladium

Postman Joyner Caladium

Great for shady areas where you'll be sitting, relaxing, and lounging, the Postman Joyner is a pleasure to look at. The leaves are bright red accented with green brush strokes on the edges, they will encourage visitors to stop and stay awhile. Lighting up some of the most shaded areas, these caladiums do great in borders as well as containers. Try them in hanging baskets for a great look under a shaded porch!

Item# 72106 Quantity: 3 bulbs
50% OFF
Red and White Caladium Collection

Red and White Caladium Collection

This classic combination of red and white will look lovely in your shade garden this year. Caladiums are a classic shade plant, and this combination makes the perfect border planting. This collection will cover 6 square feet, if planting for a larger area you will want to increase the number you order.

Item# 72131 Quantity: 6 bulbs
35% OFF
Image of Red Ruffles Caladium

Red Ruffles Caladium

The handsome foliage of the Red Ruffles Caladium boasts of an intense red with dark green margins. The deep color and ruffled leaves are great for hanging pots, containers, borders or in a shaded bed area. This particular caladium tends to be much more tolerant of sun exposure than the others so selecting an area that is only partially shaded will be most beneficial.

Item# 72121 Quantity: 3 bulbs
35% OFF
Image of Roseglow Caladium

Roseglow Caladium

These shade loving favorites will glow with pink/red centers in your shady containers and border plantings. Roseglow is a sun tolerant caladium, although it will perform best in a partially shaded location.

Item# 72136 Quantity: 3 bulbs
40% OFF
Image of Summer Breeze Caladium

Summer Breeze Caladium

Summer Breeze Fancy leafed caladium, has large leaves that really brighten the most shaded garden locations. Red veins highlight the bright white, mint green leaves. Plant this shade loving bulb in containers as filler plants, they also make great border plants for your perennial borders.


* Caladiums require very warm soil and air temperatures in order to sprout. We suggest starting the tubers indoors before ...

Item# 72137 Quantity: 3 bulbs
35% OFF
Image of Sweetheart Caladium

Sweetheart Caladium

Like the Red Ruffles Caladium, the Sweetheart is another good sun tolerant variety! It's gorgeous pink-red leaves are all edged with a very uniform green border. In some cases, the colorful center of the leaves will even fade to white just before reaching the green border. Great in hanging pots, containers, and bed borders, this little beauty is sure to find a place in your heart this summer!

Item# 72119 Quantity: 3 bulbs
35% OFF
Image of Upright Elephant Ear

Upright Elephant Ear

If you love elephant ears, you have to give this one a try! The Upright Elephant Ear (also known as Giant Taro or Alocasia macrorrhiza) will typically grow 4-6 feet tall and 2-4 feet wide or even large in warmer areas! This upright variety is a wonderful easily grown tropical plant for the summer garden. Transform your summer landscape or patio into a tropical oasis! This plant loves water and fertilizer. Unlike Colocasia, these leaves are more

Item# 72122 Quantity: 1 bulb
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