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Decorative Dahlias

Decorative Dahlias grow quickly and grow fairly tall, always with vibrant deep green foliage. Decorative dahlias, like others, bloom from summer to frost. The bulbs are actually called dahlia tubers and look a lot like a bunch of large green beans or carrots.

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Image of Black Cat Dahlia Jumbo Pack

Black Cat Dahlia Jumbo Pack

Create a dramatic border or use these Black Cat Decorative Dahlias for a mass planting! Each Dahlia clump will produce huge flowers that exceed 6" in diameter. Its deep crimson petals almost resemble velvet and adds a "mysterious" air to your garden, just as the name suggests! With multiple strong sturdy stems, these blooms will add rich color to your garden from July until frost.
  • Try this Jumbo Pack of 5 bulbs ...

Item# 74162 Quantity: 5 tubers
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Image of Colorful Investment Dahlia

Colorful Investment Dahlia

This multi colored decorative dahlia, is certainly a good investment in your sunny garden! Colorful Investment dahlia has blooms boasting shades of light pink, yellow, purple and white. Plant in full sun for best bloom color and size.

Item# 74217 Quantity: 3 bulbs
50% OFF
Image of Dark Butterfly Decorative Dahlia

Dark Butterfly Decorative Dahlia

A mysterious new dahlia developed by Darwin Plants. Robust blooms with red/pink and yellow accents! This decorative dahlia grows about 36-42" tall, will start blooming mid-summer and continue until frost.

Item# 74214 Quantity: 3 tubers
30% OFF
Image of Edinburgh Decorative Dahlia

Edinburgh Decorative Dahlia

This decorative dahlia is one you won't want to miss! Its bicolored petals give the illusion that the deep pink/red color is bursting forth from the center as the flower looks upward atop sturdy stems. Great for cut flowers and planted in the border with other dahlias, and summer blooming bulbs.

Item# 74193 Quantity: 3 tubers
30% OFF
Image of Extase Decorative  Dahlia

Extase Decorative Dahlia

A beautiful glowing pink dahlia will provide joy in your backyard paradise. Extase Dahlia is a great border dahlia, that grows only about 2' tall at the most. The 3-4" diameter blooms make great cut flowers, or in mass will make a statement with there bright pink blossoms.

Item# 74209 Quantity: 3 tubers
30% OFF
Image of Icoon Dahlia

Icoon Dahlia

We couldn't resist the beaming red and yellow blooms on the Icoon Dahlia! Some of the brightest 4" blooms  we have seen will be great in your beds and border plantings.

Item# 74210 Quantity: 3 tubers
30% OFF
Image of Labyrinth Decorative Dahlia

Labyrinth Decorative Dahlia

Labyrinth Dahlia is a new and exclusive dahlia from our growers in Holland. The varying shades of pinks and peaches, make this a summer time favorite! Plant with orange and yellow colors for a warm and tropical feel!

Item# 74213 Quantity: 3 tubers
30% OFF
Image of Midnight Party Dahlia Blend

Midnight Party Dahlia Blend

A Midnight Garden Party? Thanks for the invite! We invite you to enjoy this delightful party of dahlia blooms in your garden this Summer. Various shades of purple, and assorted flower sizes add to the fun of this party! Plant in full sun, in a garden bed or cutting garden.

Item# 74227 Quantity: 5 tubers
60% OFF
Image of Mixed Unwin Dwarf Dahlias Value Bag

Mixed Unwin Dwarf Dahlias Value Bag

Looking to add some cheer to your garden? Try this happy mix of yellow, white, red, pink, and orange dahlias! The Unwin Mixed Dahlias top out at a height of just 24" and are excellent for cutting with their extremely sturdy stems. Use in large mass plantings or just for a splash of color here or there!
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Often used for 14th Wedding ...

Item# 74102 Quantity: 15 tubers
30% OFF
Image of Mystery Day Decorative Dahlia

Mystery Day Decorative Dahlia

Looking to add a bit of creative, fun flair to your summer garden? Try these two-toned dahlias! The Mystery Day Decorative Dahlias are adorned with deep fucshia-red petals tipped in white. These blooms are supported on sturdy stems of rich green foliage. Great for use in the outdoor garden or for cutting to fill your favorite vase indoors! Often used for 14th Wedding Anniversaries!

Item# 74160 Quantity: 3 tubers
55% OFF
Peppermint Dream Dahlia Collection

Peppermint Dream Dahlia Collection

Add splashes of red and white to your garden to create a peppermint dream! Decorative Dahlias will grow lush green foliage and colorful large blooms late spring! Would make for a great cut flower garden!

Item# 74206 Quantity: 10 bulbs
30% OFF
Image of Procyon Decorative Dahlia

Procyon Decorative Dahlia

Light your garden on fire with these flaming dahlias! The fire orange edges of this bright yellow Procyon Dahlia gives the illusion that its blooms are almost blazing! This Dahlia will produce numberous large blooms from July until frost and makes excellent cut flowers with its sturdy stems. Whether grown in a flowerbed or outdoor container, this dahlia is sure to be the hot flower this season! Often used for 14th Wedding Anniversaries!

Item# 74158 Quantity: 3 tubers
30% OFF
Image of Smokey Decorative Dahlia

Smokey Decorative Dahlia

Stunning in every way, this flower is perhaps one of the most vibrant dahlias we've seen! The relatively new Smokey Decorative Dahlia looks amazing when paired with other shades of purple, white, and green flowers. Don't leave this one out of your summer garden design!

Item# 74198 Quantity: 1 tuber
50% OFF
Sunset Dahlia Collection

Sunset Dahlia Collection

Light your garden up with this glowing hot collection! The deep red, fire orange, hints of yellow will be almost blazing! These Dahlias will produce numberous large blooms from July until frost and makes excellent cut flowers with its sturdy stems. Whether grown in a flowerbed or outdoor containers. Often used for 14th Wedding Anniversaries!

Item# 74203 Quantity: 19 bulbs
30% OFF
Image of Who Dun It Decorative Dahlia

Who Dun It Decorative Dahlia

This fantastic dahlia is a true show-stopper! Considered an "informal" decorative dahlia, its petals have a bit more "haphazard" look than your typical decorative dahlia, giving the bloom a truly unique appearance. The flower starts out bright white in the center, turning to a brilliant magenta at the edges -- perfect when combined with other bright white and magenta blooms!

Item# 74212 Quantity: 3 tubers
30% OFF
Image of Wittem Decorative Dahlia

Wittem Decorative Dahlia

This Wittem Dahlia is sure to add a soft, romantic flair to your summer garden. Its brilliant white petals are inconsistently brushed with a soft lilac sheen, appearing to be straight out of a painting. The 4-6" blooms form on the top of 36-48" tall stems in part to full sun locations. Cut them to adorn your dining room table or enjoy them in the garden from mid to late summer until the first frost!

Item# 74211 Quantity: 3 tubers
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