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Calla Lily Bulbs

The most popular cut flowers, the Calla Lily 'Zantedeschia' can be found in different sizes and colors, including the calla lilies bulbs. We offer many Calla lily bulbs that bloom from June through August. The blooms are trumpet-shaped and grow approximately 5" tall and 2-3" across. Calla Lily flower bulbs are only summer hardy, so be prepared to dig them up in fall or treat them as an annual in areas receiving frost in the winter.

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50% OFF
 Fairytale Calla Lily Collection

Fairytale Calla Lily Collection

Add a touch of whimsy to your garden with this Fairytale Calla Lily Collection which includes shades of pinks, red and amethyst. Producing such beautiful blooms you'd swear they were fake, these flowers will look great in your garden or favorite vase. These bulbs are also great for growing in planters or garden borders.

Item# 73142 Quantity: 9 bulbs
50% OFF
A Lady's Favorite Calla Collection

A Lady's Favorite Calla Collection

Any lady will love this delicate and romantic blend of feminine calla lily colors. This collection contains a mix of smaller flowering and large flowering calla lilies, which all make excellent cut flowers! Surprise your favorite lady with this collection of beautiful calla lilies for her garden this summer.

Item# 73166 Quantity: 12 bulbs
60% OFF
Image of Albomaculata Calla Lily

Albomaculata Calla Lily

This classic creamy white calla lily is sure to not disappoint. A flower commonly found in formal bouquets, even this callas foliage is beautiful! The deep green leaves are adorned with small white spots and offer nice interest even once the blooms have faded. The flowers themselves open gracefully, reaching their peak within 65-75 days from planting. Extremely easy to grow both in containers and the garden, these elegant beauties make great ...

Item# 73151 Quantity: 3 bulbs
60% OFF
Image of Black Eyed Lady Calla Lily Black Eyed Beauty

Black Eyed Lady Calla Lily Black Eyed Beauty

Black Eyed Beauty Calla Lily is a truly elegant plant. Enjoy creamy yellow and white tones of this beauty, with an exceptionally dark center towards the throat of the flower. Like all calla lilies this one should be planted in full sun, and provided adequate water and fertilizer for the best bloom results.

Item# 73152 Quantity: 3 bulbs
60% OFF
Image of Black Star Calla Lily

Black Star Calla Lily

The funnel shaped dark burgandy purple to black colored flowers really stand out within the medium green leaves with white spots. Great for cutflower displays, wedding bouquets, pots and containers.

Item# 77420 Quantity: 3 bulbs
60% OFF
Image of Deluxe Exclusive Calla Combo Picasso, Sapporo and Black Star

Deluxe Exclusive Calla Combo Picasso, Sapporo and Black Star

A match made in heaven! Each package of this Deluxe Exclusive Calla Combination contains one each of the following calla lilies: Picasso (white with purple), Sapporo (creamy white), and Black Star (deep purple). This trio will make the perfect subtle statement when planted among other plants of similar bloom colors or a bold splash when planted by itself in mass. Also makes a great floral arrangement!

Item# 73149 Quantity: 3 bulbs
60% OFF
Image of Flame Calla Lilies

Flame Calla Lilies

Want to add a warm "glow" to your landscape? These Flame Calla Lilies are just the bulbs to do the trick! The bright yellow of the petals fade into a mango-orange which is simply too beautiful to describe. Growing slightly taller than some of these other callas, these plants can sometimes reach close to 24" in height.

Item# 73123 Quantity: 3 bulbs
60% OFF
Image of Garnet Glow Calla Lilies

Garnet Glow Calla Lilies

The color of these calla lilies are sure to knock your socks off! The hot-pink blooms lead to a deep red magenta center of their perfectly curved petals. Extremely easy to grow, these bulb produce abundant amounts of blooms throughout the summer months. Plant these this spring for a true delight this summer!

Item# 73130 Quantity: 3 bulbs
60% OFF
Image of Hot Flashes Calla Lily Lipstick

Hot Flashes Calla Lily Lipstick

Enchantingly pink, the Hybrid Hot Flashes Calla is a must have for any garden! The petals carry a rich color, deep rose to burgundy which give the flower an almost velvety look. Nearly opaque, these blooms are slighly elongated on somewhat shorter stems. Still great for cutflowers, these callas are ones you won't wnat to pass up! Honeysuckle: the Pantone color of the year!

Item# 73136 Quantity: 3 bulbs
50% OFF
Image of Hybrid Calla Lilies Mixed Value Bag

Hybrid Calla Lilies Mixed Value Bag

Would like to try growing some hybrid Calla Lilies this year but unsure of what colors to pick? Try this mixed value bag! Colors in the package may range from orange, red, purple, white, pink and yellow, each package is different. These flowers love the sun and work great in outdoor containers as well as cut flowers in an indoor vase!
  • Take advantage of the best price per bulb with this Value Bag of Calla Lilies! Get more for ...

Item# 73101 Quantity: 5 bulbs
60% OFF
Image of Intimate Queen Calla Lily

Intimate Queen Calla Lily

This new calla is a dainty variety, but full of blooms! Greenish, white flowers will form in Mid-Summer and make great cut flowers!

Item# 73167 Quantity: 3 bulbs
50% OFF
Juicy Fruit Calla Collection

Juicy Fruit Calla Collection

This collection of juicy orange, purple and yellow calla's is great for a tropical feel in your garden beds and containers. All of the calla's in this collection are great for cut flowers, and border plantings as they generally will grow about 15" tall.

Item# 73146 Quantity: 9 bulbs
60% OFF
Image of Lavender Gem Calla Lilies

Lavender Gem Calla Lilies

A must-have in the cutting garden, these light purple,calla lily make wonderful additions to those fresh floral arrangements! The lavender hue of this calla lily shows tones of soft pink as well as orchid. They look best when planted with white calla lilies such as Intimate Ivory or Albomaculata. Growing 10-16" tall, these callas lilies also do well in borders or containers.

Item# 73124 Quantity: 3 bulbs
60% OFF
Image of Millennium Gold Calla Lily

Millennium Gold Calla Lily

Bright yellow as the morning sunshine, the Hybrid Calla Millennium Gold will be the light of your garden. This flower loves warm, sunny spots and is eager to grow in boxes or containers. Extremely large blooms appear among the white-flecked foliage during the mid-summer months. This happy little flower will add that special touch to any garden border, among perennials, or in your favorite pot!

Item# 73134 Quantity: 3 bulbs
60% OFF
Image of Pasja Calla Lily

Pasja Calla Lily

A beatiful multi dimensional calla lily which changes from shades of deep purple to light pink. A delightful calla lily for your cut flower arrangements.

Item# 73173 Quantity: 3 bulbs
60% OFF
Image of Picasso Calla Lily

Picasso Calla Lily

This calla lily is unique and stunning, just like many of the paintings that this flower is named after. Purple centers are surrounded by white edges on this rare two toned calla lily bloom.

Item# 73169 Quantity: 3 bulbs
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