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Cinnamon Fern
This highly decorative fern bears two types of fronds that rise above the leaves. The fertile fronds that contain the spores look like Cinnamon Sticks (hence the name Cinnamon Fern) while the sterile fronds which are not as decorative are yellowish green.
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Lady Fern
Lady Fern is a graceful yet tough fern! Truly durable and versatile it grows well in shady locations but is also one of the most sun tolerant fern and some say it even thrives in the sun! Make sure this fern receives plenty of moisture for the best growth
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Ostrich Fern
Resembling the feathery appearance of an ostrich's plumes, the foliage of this fern are bound to make a spectacular show in your shade garden. Growing 2-3' in height in cultivation, this fern has been known to reach almost 6' tall in moist and shaded natu
Quantity: 1 plant start
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Maidenhair Fern
Pretty and delicate describes the Maidenhair Fern perfectly. The wiry, purple brown leaf stalks add extra interest to the already beautiful plant. Slower spreading then most ferns, this one will not take over your garden as it is non-invasive. The foliage
Quantity: 1 plant

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